SMM PANEL service recommendations

hii friend i want to try using SMM PANEL service on my main account do you think its safe and recommend? and if its can boost the account?

there is alots of service and i don’t know what be the best to really boost my accont

i see option to buy impression and reach
what is be the benefit for doing so ?

or it be better to buy some likes or something else?

what is your recommendation for this kind of services?


SMM and fake likes/followers will damage your account forever unless you are in need of just the numbers of follow and like to grow for other purposes and you don’t care about the account it self then yes you can use them otherwise don’t.

but there is alots of a different services not only likes and followers

you can buy saves, impression , reach…

but i don’t know what be the benefit for doing that :thinking:

yes i know but as i said it will help you when you are tying to have a big number as a front to your account so yeah if you have specific goal to achieve you can try that but i don’t recommend it.

Now a days many people are using services like that but i really don’t know whether it’s safe or not.

it’s better to stay away from those smm services and let your accounts grow organically. Increase the quality of your contents to get more saves and reach.

my contact is good but my account have some shit block
impressions is very low
story views is 1000 max
likes is also very low 30-100
and i have 25K accont

i think i get published for using bots for a long time

the QUESTION is if i make some fake reach from the smm panel what will happen ?
someone told me it can boost the post to the explorer page

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It may boost it a few times but once IG notices that it’s fake your organic reach will get even worse. This is why most engagement groups don’t work. They need to be in the same niche, very different from each other and actually follow you for it to look real.

I prefer to not use any and focus on growing organically.

so what you do the grow organically?

I think using hashtags, mentions, shoutout…etc and maybe some manual follow/unfollow stuff.