SMS verification issue

I used a SMS verification issue to get an account back in, but today it wants to CALL the same number… did I lose the account?? or is there a way to get it to try a different phone number?

Hi @swig are you meaning that you used a number to verify the account from a burner phone number type site & don’t have access to the # anymore?

yes correct… not sure what to do

I have seen other people have this issue as well with Twitters SMS verification. Here is just some options I would recommend if I was in your shoes & maybe they will help

  1. Reach out to SMS # provider & see if its possible you can retrieve that number to receive a call (Keep in mind they sell these numbers over & over & over & over, so it is not always the best option to use these for your accounts)

  2. If SMS provider can`t help, try reaching out to Twitter stating you are having issues & tell them you have recently changed your number (If you have an email connected you should be okay)

  3. If the account is not super significant to you & only used for automation as maybe a slave ect, maybe just create new & move on :smiley: