Smspva died today - and killed 10 of my IG accounts

10 of my OLD IG accounts asked for phone verification today. i went to verify them through smspva but IG told me “sorry, please try another number” as IG blocked 10 smspva numbers. Then the accounts were disabled as a # from another service was entered.

later, an IG account on MP had a Valid status but publishing to it gave a 501 error and login failed as the account was removed.

Sorry to hear that, but as you probably know, they are rotating phone numbers and most of number are already used too many times on IG…

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I’m sorry to hear you lost your accts. due to phone verification. Don’t waste your time with smspva or online methods/services like that, buy actual sim cards and you are safe to go. Good luck!


hmm, sorry to hear that as it was an easy to use method, but I guess it was bound to happen as more and more people were using it…