Snapchat marketing compared to instagram... snapchat is making me some good money

For those of you who have never used…so recently I have been having way way way more success selling stuff on snapchat and in my opinion 1 snapchat user is equivalent to 75-100 instagram users because there is way less competition because to get an snapchat user you need there phone number or username(I have a very special way of doing it but it is way worth the time) and you cant see other people followers like you can on instagram and then follow them. I would say 99% of the snapchat users are under the age of 32 and seem to sell diet, health, and beauty products and miscellaneous stuff like bracelets, necklaces etc from ali express and just direct them to my shopify stores, and what I recently started doing is contacting local business and explaining how powerful this is to reach customers and how many people follow my accounts from that area and I live in Huntington Beach, California so what I do is I have the computer system which upload the numbers in the prefixes of the local number for example I will have the computer create a phone list from 949-237-0001 to 949-237-9999 and then when I transfer it to my iphone it will show what people have snapchat in that list of phone numbers(I remember it was around 2,300 of the 9,999 had snapchats) and then I request to follow them and within a day of requesting to follow them I will usaually have 30% follow back then about another of that 30% will follow within 30 days and about another 10-20% will follow back within 60 days and then the remaining 20% don’t even follow back at all or maybe just a handful will follow back within a few months but either way that is a very high back that accept/follow back the greatest thing is that snapchat has no limits on it besides how many people you can follow on each account which is 10,000 people unless you are a brand/business and they subscribe to follow which I learned hardly anyone does so it is pointless to do it that way. the other way I find accounts is on instagram and they are on the bios of the accounts and it takes a lot of time but getting these accounts are very worth it , and another thing is that in my opinion it is probably 70% female


Sounds a lot of manual work adding that huge list of numbers in your phone and add all the contacts, unless you have a bot for that.
If you have a bot then it could scalable and becomes interesting.

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well I have a bot that just uploads the phone numbers in the ranges I put in, for example I use the prefix of 949-237-**** which is for orange county so I have the bot make a phone contacts list from 949-237-0001 to 949-237-9999 and then after its done I will coneect my iphone to my mac and it will sync all 9,999 phone numbers to the iphone then when I go to snapchat it will show me what contacts of mine have snapchat and I can add as many as I want and there is no add limits or limits to how fast you can add them unlike instagram. the only ones I do manually are the ones I find on snapchat and yes it takes a lot of time but have found that it is way worth it tho

Damn I could see this being very useful for real estate agents. SO much possibility for laser targeted leads. Lots of evergreen content that gets reposted to just push leads to a landing page :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

ya especially up at my other house up in north Idaho where its just all southern Californians moving there in droves i wish i could get leads and sell them to real estate agents but it would be hard to target them because its pretty much 99% age 32 and under and they cant afford anything and im sure most are gona live with there parents the rest of their lives and never get a house or apartment so I think they will just continue to buy bracelets, necklaces, teeth whiteners etc, just stuff they can afford on there poor income lol

is said bot private?

How does one go about getting this bot? lol

its not necessarily a bot its just system that was made by my friend to make lists super easy to make and its very out of date and im sure there are better ones out there but it does save hours or even days of work it would take to input 9,999 contacts, and when we make the contact list all the names are the same because if you wanted to create a contact and have a contact for every phone number we would have to do it manually so we had 9,999 adam’s on the contact list but had different phone numbers and when it shows up on snapchat it shows there username, its actually pretty badass… the system was made by my friend I believe in 2005 when the SMS marketing was way different and didn’t have the opt-in laws they have now. back then you could text people pretty much anything marketing-wise on a phone and now the laws are that they must opt-in before you can even send a text message… for example say you go to tillys and buy some clothes and the cashier asks if you would like to opt-in so you can receive text messages to get deals and the customer says yes then that’s the only way by law(in the united states) you can legally text anyone marketing related stuff, you cannot just text anyone marketing related stuff without an opt-in or if you get caught by the FCC or FTC you will be punished pretty badly and I know several people who had this happen to them and they had to pay tons in fines

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Interesting! to develop :innocent:

I am sending IG followers to my snapchat,geting around 30-50 daily.Gonna test some CPA offers and see how it goes.

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I think you and your friend need to develop this app further becuase if Jarvee is killing it there is no reason why an app of this level for snapchat cannot be made. Now get to work! I’ll be a beta tester :grin:

Is there any way to reach you? Skype, telegram or something? It’s really important.
Thank you.

You definitely see a big difference and by doing it right your gona see a ton more sales from Snapchat

snapchat limits are like Instagram ones 10 years ago lol

Did somebody else try it? It didn’t work for me at least, Snapchat isn’t syncing contacts when I load them, I even tried loading just 1k contacts and it didn’t work, as soon as I delete those 1k contacts I imported, It shows my real contacts, I don’t know what’s the issue

I know it works perfect for me, snapchat should show the contacts on your phone that have snapchat… I really don’t know why its not working for you

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