Snapchat rolls out a feature: links


Next feature for Instagram to copy? :joy:
I would be happy for the same feature on Instagram but probably it would cause more spam on IG. What are your thoughts?


Heaven for spammers and live cam offers :smiley:


Snapchat is already a spam heaven, isn’t? :laughing:


I heard a lot of stories about people banking hard there with live cam offers. There was a thread (method) on BHW about it, it was available only for couple of hours and disappeared. Probably moved to Jr Executive VIP section since I wasn’t able to find it in Jr VIP section.


I don’t think it’s a good idea for Instagram to implement it. Just going to cause a lot more spam that’s really not needed. Instagram does a pretty good job of keeping spam out, but this’ll just make it harder.


I kinda feel bad for Snapchat because IG is arguably the hottest social media platform and they are basically copying Snapchat. But I guess that is better than Facebook buying snapchat because that almost happened


Pro content makers are in for the money, if you allow links it also comes with lots and lots of great content (frome them who get serious about making money). Is simple, if you want to get massive clicks without fighting the eternal and hopeless fight agaisnt anti spam algorithms, you have to upload great content to build a massive audience.

Pro networks are starting to sprout all over the place in facebook, just as it happened in youtube. Allowing links, and esentially to make money, will bring you lot of spamers (but they will worn you out little by little if you’re one) but it also brings people who are willing to do heavy investments in content creation.

I think is a smart move if it comes with great anti spam system, maybe this time snapchat will copy some of facebook stenghts.


Mp for snapchat?