So have y'all heard of this community app?

|removed| brooo this brings a whole new idea to social media monetization. I manage only fans models and this community thing is PERFECT for building training, sfs, and engagement groups.

AND THEY LET YOU CHARGE TO JOIN SOME GROUPS. So you could build an entire page about the community, and then run some numbers up for a cool 500-1000 extra a month CONSERVATIVELY.


this looks so much like self promotion… am I wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s not, some extra special care has been put into making it look like it :sweat_smile:


its not my website tho? And i didn’t put the link to my own network. I’m just saying i think for a lot of our clients having their own community app would be dope

Well, considering the use of capital letters and the tone, I’d say it’s either yours or promoting it for some reason :wink:

Lmao nah I was just excited