So i decided to answer to a "hate" email

After more than 6 months of sending messages on instagram and following / unfollowing users.
I finally got an angry person to mail me. At first I was like, Wow bro chill wtf. But since i was doing a backup of my website i had a lot of time for myself.

I decided to answer to his Mail. Obviously I’m gonna hide his last name and email adress.

His First Contact was on Instagram DM, it was literally full of insults and i decided not to answer.

This is the first mail :

Object : Your "services"
His message :

Here’s the issue with your services;
from the “other side” of an Instagram user. I’m a regularly guy and I have followed many photographers you might be “managing” and /or are paying you to manage their accounts , so I’ve been told.
You literally fish with these paid accounts on instagram for new followers- like someone myself, a small potatoes guy - not a professional. I’m always getting a follow from these accounts with 10k, 20k etc followers ,

This is how it work on MY END , just so we’re clear. So “You” follow me. ( example Gianluca Podesta on instagram uses a similar service, he told me)
I followed “you” back out of courtesy and respect and BASICALLY THE NEXT DAY, he or they or the person managing their account UNFOLLOWS ME. Basically fishing and using people for their OWN Self gain.
Do you know how annoying this is? From a Instagram user , this is childish and downright sneaky.
Ignorant way of trying to gain popularity I’d say, but you guys don’t care. You have the same greed as the photographer that just wants a million followers , but only follows 100 themselves.


Sent from my iPad

+1 for the quotes in the subject of the mail, and the final “Sent from my iPad”

First I was like, be chill, explain what you do and see if he can understand basic communication.
My answer :


First of all, you just described us the Instagram’s world. Social media will, and for ever be based on which one is the most successful, and even if no ones really likes it, nothing is going to change.

We get paid from instagram’s users to grow their account, but we do it by targeting a really little “sort” of users, based on their lifestyle and ideas. Per exemple, for a photographer, we will follow the followers of influencers in the photography niche or the hashtags related by photography. We really try to target the best imaginable users in order to get results AND not to annoy people like you that doesn’t want to be targeted.

Unfortunately for you, you got targeted on one of our “fishing” account, as you like to call it, we have those account to find more clients in order not to be losing money. But those fishing account provide a nice gallery for people to enjoy, making it more enjoyable, right ?

Second of all,
It’s not an “ignorant way of trying to gain popularity”, it’s as instagram is coded today, the best way for anyone to possibly grow their exposure, and thus grow their follower base. You can see it like a televised ad, as simply as that.

We are really sorry it bothered you that much. But don’t worry, with a click of a button you could unfollow the account that bothered you, if you don’t ike what it’s posting.

Have a nice day, Chad !

Quentin - The ******** Services Owner.

3 minutes after, i got his answer

Thanks for the reply.

I agree it won’t change.

If you believe you do not think it’s Ignorant to lure followers by sneakily “following” and “unfollowing” then that’s your opinion. As a active user, I’m telling you personally it is rude. Why not just follow someone? What’s the big deal?
So basically your “ services” are just after one thing. You get paid, maybe the photographers get exposure , but to everyone else , well who cares , as long as it doesn’t affect you. Typical corporate mindset.
And I recently received a message back from a photographer who apologized to me about this , and said she was sorry , she doesn’t run her account , but she in fact things it’s a sneaky way to gain popularity.
I’m figuring this out pretty quickly. I’m not here to support you or a photographer. Yes I like pictures, but I can’t agree with those methods.

You are right about one thing. One click and bye.

Sent from my iPad

That last phrase, “One click and bye” got me.
Bro you wanna play ? Let’s do it.

My message :

Hello, again.

If you believe internet is a happy place, you should try to learn a bit more about social media, and internet in general.
If you believe following and unfollowing someone is rude, maybe you could think a bit further than the tip of your nose, before sending unrespectful messages to people that do something with their lives, and minding their own businesses, literally.

Good thing that you figured it out alone, it’s not like everyone knows the following / unfollowing method.
I don’t need you to agree “with those methods” to use your words, I have the mindset of a corporate, you’re just a “+1” or a “-1” in my statistics.

Consider yourself blocked, (yes we can do that too, on the internet).
As you nicely wrote, One click and bye.

A team of people with actual respect.

Still trying to be respectful, i wanted to block him to not receive any more mail, since we can clearly see that this guy has his own opinion at the deepest point of his butt and it’s impossible to change that.

He answered so fast i didn’t have time to block him, but this time with 2 short messages

Typical asshole
I’ll spread the word about your company

Sent from my iPad


In addition,
My life is great thanks.

“If you believe following and unfollowing someone is rude, maybe you could think a bit further than the tip of your nose, before sending unrespectful messages to people that do something with their lives, and minding their own businesses, literally.”

Then stop visiting my page with spam and stop bothering me with my life. Mr corporate man.

Sent from my iPad

It was too hard not to see the final burn possibility, so for a final time i used my wordthrower

Hello, again

I would like to personaly thank you for the free publicity you’re about to give to my business.

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. - Oscar Wilde

If your life is so great, why don’t you take a beer and go watch a football game instead of harrassing people over their mailbox.

One more time, Have a great day, Chad.

It’s been 6 hours now. I got you bro, but damn you made me laugh a lot.

I will definitely answer to the next hate mail.

TL:DR : Got a hate message, responded to it, chatted a bit, burned his ass

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I would love to have so much free time :smiley:

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I would love not to have so much free time ahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


While your second reply was kinda rude, he totally deserved it. People like that will always be assholes who can’t comprehend or tolerate anything out of of their little box of logic, which is usually failed logic.

Fuck 'em, let him talk shit as long as it doesn’t end up in legal trouble.

Had a similar problem with a guy who went nuts, realized he wasn’t right in the head, as this guy probably isn’t either. Blocking actually made it worse, but hopefully this dude will just disappear and save you some future stress.


It happened to me yesterday too. A guy decided to play with me and started to tell me he wouldn’t pay for this, he better uses adwords, Then he started to ask stupid questions - if one account has 43k followers and posts get 1k likes it means 42k followers are fake :slight_smile: LOL


some people dont deserve your time and I think this is a good example :joy::grin:

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Ask him where did he purchased that logic. hahahahhaha


Yes for the second mail I was thinking like, "bro I tried to be respectful with your stupidity, why do you send another email?! "

I guess this type of people is everywhere, I’m actually surprised that I only got one in 6 months.


This happens all the time, except usually through dms. I got a ton that say “Saw you unfollowed me. Bye.” The short answers are the most annoying in my opinion. I had the same thing happen with shout-outs. People are literally dirt cheap. Word for word the guy told me “Your price is too high. Anyone can get 15k followers in like six months”. Word of advice, if you are paying me for shout-outs its probably because you are desperate for followers. I try my best to give fantastic customer service but sometimes it’s incredibly challenging.

The people that argue usually are the ones with narrow minded thinking. It takes some effort to do what we do. So, in the end, don’t give people the pleasure of shitting all over you while they have to go to a 9-5 tomorrow morning.