So I'm starting my first 10 accounts

What do you guys recommend? What niche should I pick? One different for each? That sort of stuff

I’m a begginer :slight_smile:

I’m Super excited to start doing things with jarvee and I don’t what to screw it

Pick something you have an interest in. Don’t overthink your starting accounts. Just something you personally have a passion for so you understand the niche(s) and can try to do your best work right away. Study, try, fail, learn, improve and repeat.

You’ll do fine.


Get good proxies and take your time, start slowly at the beginning till you learn and are confident on what are you doing, then start to scale up

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Also can I put an account in jarvee that I also run on my phone?

Yes you can :slight_smile:
But try to avoid using it at the same time and doing actions simultaneously. Wish you good luck!

This is a TOUGH time to get into it. Start slow with well made accounts and solid proxies

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Definitely this. Cheaping out when I first started (granted it was 2017) caused me to lose everything after nearly 2 years of work. Don’t cheap out on proxies, accounts, sim cards, etc.

I’m going with sslprivateproxy.
Are those good?

Are they mobile proxies? I wouldn’t recommend anything other than mobile proxies…except maybe residential proxies but I’ve never tried them.

The page says Instagram proxy, I believe those are residential. Mobile people say here they are too expensive

Define “too expensive” for me. I’m just curious what you deem to be too expensive.

I wouldn’t define expensive in terms of just dollars, you also have to look at the return of your time invested. I would rather pay a little more for good mobile proxies to give the best chance that the time I invest is worth it.

What about the whole one proxy to each account, isn’t that safe enough?

well, the more time pass the more it will be tough

1 account to 1 proxy is ideal, but IG can detect data center proxies and that significantly lowers the account quality as it’s a typical footprint for spam accounts.

I’ve been doing digital marketing for a decade but am newer to IG so I just stick with mobile proxies for now while I get my system down. Once I have that I may test DC proxies, but right now I want to have good quality proxies to rule out that as a factor as I test the limits of what IG will allow.

And how much does it cost you?

Tough day to make accounts. Check other threads. Ig just blew tf up. Imo, wait a few days to a week then get started after the chaos dies down

The chaos.? What do you mean.?

IG in news for outages and many users automating IG are experiencing massive follow blocks. Ingormation is not clear and in my inexperienced opinion, wise to lay low for now