So no one talking about this channel yet?

How is this possible? are those kids content?

well, that’s going good, one week old and up to 7 milll views, but the subs are very low, could be using illegal stuff you never know.

It is not kids content, some BH stuff right there and they have multiple channel doing same stuff

It’s either some illegal stuff or he had a group of followers on different social platforms and they just switched to YT :smiley:

Hundreds of thousands of views per video but only 4 or 5 comments? Looks… odd.

Insane stats. Wondering how he’s doing it & if it’s all legitimate.

It could be that he’s using automation or something but from a parent’s perspective, he could be possibly getting those views because of kids who were allowed access to YT by their parents (to keep the kids busy and refrain from pestering their parents).

It looks like BeamNG is a game…and kids love games, so when they come across the suggested vids (when you scroll up from the bottom of the YT screen in fullscreen view), they just choose a random video there, so that may help the views from booming. I tried looking it up and I’m surprised there are a lot of BeamNG videos

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I see a lot of these kinds of content on tiktok they’re actually pretty addicting to watch