Social bridge alternatives?

HI, are there any other apps like social bridge which automates actions right on our phone? Social bridge repeats the same pattern over and again and get caught after like 200 actions

I haven’t tried these kind of apps because for me most important thing is to keep accounts safe. these kind of apps are like short term solution that usually will fail. These days IG is too strict for you to be able to achieve anything with these kind of apps. For programs like Jarvee you need computer, but you can achieve much more and set actions and settings so that there is no specific pattern.

I would pay a ton of money for an app that performs random actions on my phone for Instagram

I think I should hire someone to develop an app that takes the idea of social bridge and upgrade it :smiley: There are no api calls etc there, so instagram surely cannot track if its not the same sequence of events. I wonder how much would that cost!

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Did you find an alternative to sb? I’m looking for it too