Social Captain Good or Bad

Has anybody else here used Social Captain? I use them and it’s been a great help in my channels growth but I want to ask yall what you think so that I’m not wasting money. Like if theres any cons that I haven’t seen online yet.

It’s a basic IG growth website with a lot of buzzwords to make you feel better.

The 10x growth speed just means that they weren’t giving you 100% to begin with.

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What service would be better thank it?

Just get JARVEE. It’ll be the same thing only better, safer and cheaper. Not to mention it’s addicting.


Very addicting indeed. The amount of control you have with Jarvee and the challenge IG gives makes it like a real-life video game. I am not even doing this for the money (but if it ends up making some all the better), started with a few accounts to promote a large Sales/Yelp niche website I am having developed. Come to find out this niche is crazy popular on IG and low competition same as the SERPS.

What started as a few accounts has now turned into 45. May need a 12 step program to help me with this problem. LOL


Does it also have the same auto follow and unfollow service with a targeted audience? Also I only have one account, what’s the difference between the first package and rest besides the number of accounts?

can confirm, I put all of the time I used to spend video gaming into jarvee and now my dog is starting to become famous :joy:


I use it for one account as well on the first package and it has been a lifesaver, a great learning curve and tons of fun. All you need to start with is the little search button at the top and you are ready to go.

There is more of us then :smiley:


It has all of that and more. But you’ll have to spend some time here learning some basics. But after that, it’s addicting. Bonus is that you can run up to 10 accounts.

Youtube, LinkedIn, twitter and more. Seriously, addicting. Before you know it people will be paying YOU to do it for them!

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