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Hello everyone,

I am glad to join this community and been really happy with jarvee. However, recently i have faced a difficulty on the social exchange beta tools, I saw under social exchange beta/Facebook tab it says “url extract page to like” does it not support fan page like ? Also am i able to use this features to boost my facebook ads post ?

Any comment will be much appreciate. Thank you.

Hey mate, you just add the URL of your fan page and it will extract every post of your page. If you want to limit it to certain posts just add a keyword which you use only for posts which should receive the likes.

If you have ads running, get the URL of your ad and add it as post. You will find this option at the bottom of the tool. But I would be careful with this strategy if you’re not familiar with analytics since giving your ad likes or shares could increase your costs if running ads for impressions or will mess up your audience if you use a dynamic audience or lookalike audience to retarget people who engaged with your post

Really appreciate for your answer pal. What if i would like to get like for my fan page instead of fan page’s posts any option for it? @chris.mccarston

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It’s a really basic tip @theempathy96 but I realised a lot of people are not aware of: Invite Likers from your Ads

@kripke But i mean to get like for facebook fan page like in Exchange Social-Beta ? Any idea?

No sry I have not used Jarvee for fb yet.

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I don’t think this is possible yet. As @kripke mentioned before, you could invite likers to like your page but the success rate will be pretty bad since most of them will be bots and fake accounts anyway

Anyone knows if adding a fb account to social exchange raises the chances of getting it blocked/detected?