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Please be more specific. Also, have you gotten in touch with our customer support? Just send us an email at contact@susocial.com and they will help you out.

Released A New Update: Version - July 17th

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram Comment Tool - Added option called ‘Filter posts by post caption length’.Use this if you want to only comment on posts that have a certain number of characters in their post caption. Useful when you use the AI option to avoid commenting on posts with short caption which can results in bad AI comment reply

Pinterest New Features:

  • Campaigns - Pinterest - added support for the new Pinterest user interface when publishing pins

Software Fixes:

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with like when using the embedded browser

Released A New Update: Version - July 17th

General New Features:

  • Multilogin tool - added option to use Chromium browser for Multilogin accounts (browser tabs, history, extensions…)

Released A New Update: Version - August 1st

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram - Updated login API calls along with the emulation.

  • Instagram Repost - “Tag specific users” added an option to allow removing the users after they are tagged in the post.

Youtube New Features:

  • Youtube - Comment - Changed the tool to use real-time commenting instead of using an Extracted Videos buffer.

  • Youtube - Comment - Added AI content generation options for the sources.

Software Fixes:

  • Facebook - Sync followers - fixed extracting the number of friends from the profile page.

  • Facebook - Comment - fixed commenting on the same post more than once.

  • Facebook - Search and Contact - fixed adding filters to the search (error code 43).

  • Facebook - Search and Contact - detecting the “Can’t send request” popup.

  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed detecting admin-validated posts.

  • Linkedin - Connector - fixed finding the Connect button in the Sales Navigator profile. (error code 44).

  • Linkedin - Accept - fixed accepting invitations.

  • Linkedin - Accept - adapted the tool to click on the confirm accept request.

  • Linkedin - Invite friends to page - fixed clicking on Invite connection button (error code 33).

  • Instagram - Send messages - fixed sending messages through the Embedded Browser (error code 46).

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with email and phone validation in the embedded browser.

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with the captcha disabled in the embedded browser.

  • Pinterest - Login - fixed logging in (error code 2).

  • Pinterest - Contact - Extract members - fixed extracting followers of the target account.

  • Pinterest - Campaign - fixed saving pin on the correct board when a board name is already selected.

  • Campaigns - Facebook - Reels posting - fixed occasional errors regarding add video and Next buttons not found.

  • Campaigns - Advanced settings - Error handling - fixed stopping the campaign when defined error codes are detected.

  • Youtube - Unfollow - fixed clicking on confirm unsubscribe (error code 173).

  • Twitter - Campaign - fixed typing text with break lines.

  • Quora - Follow - fixed extracting users even if the search results link is emptied by Quora. (error code 61).

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Released A New Update: Version - August 8th

General New Features:

  • AI Content - added options to use spin syntax for the AI prompts

Instagram New Features:

  • Settings Social Platforms Instagram Delays - Added option ‘Delay account when getting a scraping warning’. Instagram has introduced a new warning. With this option, you will be able to control how long the account will stay in a delayed status when Instagram returns a scraping warning

Youtube New Features:

  • Youtube - Comment - Changed ‘Comment on videos that are between x-y days old’ to ‘Comment on videos that are between x-y hours old’

Pinterest New Features:

  • Pinterest - Comment - added a new option to limit the maximum number of comments per pin

Software Fixes:

  • Facebook - Search and add friends - Sync group links - fix added to avoid timeout error

  • Facebook - Unjoiner - added error code 33 - when the group is invalid

  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed publishing reels to page (error code 51)

  • Facebook - Sync followers - fixed extracting followers when the number of friends is unavailable on the profile page

  • Instagram - Comment - fixed clicking on the Post button after the comment is typed into

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with the 'suspect automated behavior on your account popup

  • Youtube - Comment - fixed timeout error when searching for videos to comment on (mobile UI)

  • Youtube - Comment - fixed extracting video title (error code 44) (mobile UI)

Released A New Update: Version - August 14th

General New Features:

  • Social Profiles - ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES - added new option to check connection to email accounts

Instagram New Features:

  • Settings - Social Platforms - Instagram - Automatic Actions - Added option called ‘Automatically fix scrape warning when needed’. Use this option to automatically solve the scrape warning error
  • Instagram - Added new status called Scrape Warning. The account will change to this status when IG returns the scrape warning error message

Software Fixes:

  • Twitter - Retweet / Reply - fixed Retweet now for list sources
  • Linkedin - Social Exchange - fixed extracting posts
  • Facebook - Switch profile - fixed closing profile switcher popup preventing timeout when publishing
  • Twitter - Follow - fixed detecting if an account is suspended or not
  • Twitter - Like - fixed timeout error when selecting tweets from search URL
  • Instagram Delete Posts Tool - Fixed issue with stop delete tool when x number posts reached not working properly
  • Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Fixed issue with sometimes users getting removed from view stories of specific users source even though the option remove after view was unchecked
  • Instagram Comment Tool - Fixed issue with commenting always being done on the pinned post first
  • Instagram Repost Tool - Fixed issue with Share with users instead of repost not working

Released A New Update: Version - August 27th

General New Features:

  • Campaigns - ACTIONS ON SELECTED CAMPAIGNS - added a new option to RESET RSS HISTORY

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram Contact Tool - When extracting new followers try with different scraper accounts until they succeed( up to 10 scrapers)
  • Instagram Story Tool - When using like story after view added an option to allow setting a max likes per day
  • Instagram Phone Verification - When using an SMS provider to phone verify an account use a phone number from the country of the proxy. If that country has no available free phone numbers try again with a different country

Facebook New Features:

  • Facebook - Delete Posts - added option to select the groups where to delete posts from (you must have the needed rights to remove posts)

Youtube New Features:

  • YouTube - Comment - added a new option to consider only the first x videos when visiting a source

Twitter New Features:

  • Settings - Twitter - added a new option to automatically email verify account when needed

Software Fixes:

  • Facebook - Campaign - Share posts - added functionality to filter out already processed new types of post links
  • Facebook - Comment & Like - fixed timeout error
  • Facebook - Send message - fixed detecting message could not be sent (error code 95)
  • YouTube - Like Exchange - fixed not accepting channel links in the Add posts section and avoid error code 44
  • Twitter - Retweet - fixed filter for skipping retweets.
  • Twitter - Campaign - fix added to close one more unwanted popup before starting to post
  • Twitter - Campaign - fixed pasting in the correct post text message (error code 32)
  • Linkedin - Profile Scraper - fixed extracting skills and experience
  • Linkedin - Profile Scraper - fixed extracting about section and number of followers
  • Facebook - Like exchange - fixed extracting the same post with different links, twice
  • Facebook - Fixed issue with page sync
  • Tumblr - Fixed issue with login

I posted a while ago about help and I never utilize the free trials because I find the occasional thing to not be documented

I’m extracting posts by keywords

How do I exclude subreddits that are not relevant as it wouldn’t make sense

also here theres only a “pick items at random” when I would rather pick items by subreddit

also on comment on posts by URL
I can’t know what the future URL of posts will be that don’t exist yet
it also says linkedin information in the reddit section, I’m not sure if I can just ignore this

@Teasing I can see that you have a ticket already opened about this with our team.

I have sent a request to the agent assigned to it to follow up with you.

Released A New Update: Version - September 10th

Instagram New Features:

  • Global Tools - IG Engagement Groups - Comments - added option to use spin syntax comments in order.

  • Settings Social Platforms Instagram General - Added option 'Do not phone verify with a phone number from the same country as the accounts proxy'.Use this option if you want the phone verification to be done with phone numbers from countries you select, to not try to phone verify with a phone number from the proxys country.

  • Settings Connectivity - Added option ‘Instagram HikerAPI external scraping API key’. Use this to configure the API key for external scraping if you want to use it. Useful if you do not want to handle your own scraper accounts to use external scraping. You will need an account at https://api.hikerapi.com/ and to add credits to their site.

  • Instagram Advanced Profile Settings - Added option Use external scrape API. Use this option if you want to scrape using external scraping. You will need to configure your api key in Settings Connectivity in order for this to work. The option also allows a way to control max external API calls per hour and per day. If you use them then if the max calls are reached in the remaining time the normal API/EB scraping will be used (with your own accounts) so it will fallback to using our own scraping if the delays are reached.

Twitter New Features:

  • Social Profiles - Twitter - added phone number to the social profile edit page.

Facebook New Features:

  • Facebook - Joiner - added a new option to skip groups that require admin validation (applies to all Facebook accounts).

Software Fixes:

  • Instagram - Send message - fixed searching for target user (error code 44)

  • Instagram - Send message - fixed error code 44 - cannot find the new message button

  • Instagram - Login - fixed clicking on backup codes before adding the saved code

  • Facebook - Invite Page Fans to Groups - fixed error code 34 - no pages found

  • Facebook - Invite Friends to Page - fixed error code 34 - more actions button not found

  • Facebook - Unjoiner - added exception do not leave a group where the user is admin

  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed error code 50 - Post text area not found - when publishing video as a reel on Facebook Page

  • LinkedIn - Profile scraper - extracting more details for the experience section

  • LinkedIn - Campaign - fixed uploading videos to post

  • LinkedIn - Fixed issue with sync connection requests

  • Reddit - Comment - fixed extracting posts (error code 43)

  • Reddit - Comment - Fixed placeholder of the ‘Comment on Posts by Url’ source

  • Twitter - Auto reply to new messages - added functionality to extract users from message requests

  • Tumblr - Check login - fixed detecting logged-in state. (error code 2)

  • Email - Import other pages - fixed importing the valid lines and skip the invalid lines from the CSV file