【 Social Media Automation Software 】For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Reddit ➡️ With AI Integration

Social Media Marketing has become important for businesses and individuals alike in today’s digital age. With billions of active users across various social media platforms, having a strong social media presence can help you increase your business awareness, reach new audiences, and engage with potential customers in real-time.

But as with everything good, it comes with its own challenges, it can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task, and if you are not cautious, it can suck a lot of your time. Especially if you have multiple accounts either on the same social network or across different ones.

And that’s what our social media automation software is all about. With SuSocial - A software carefully created by experts, you can automate all your social media tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on other important aspects of your business. Our advanced features and easy-to-use interface make managing your social media accounts a breeze, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Supported Social Networks:
We support automation on the following social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, and TikTok (still in beta) .


We’re also excited to announce that we’re offering a 5-day free trial. As a new user, you can take advantage of the free trial to explore and experience our features before making any commitment. The process of signing up for the trial is simple. We hope this will give you a glimpse of what the software can offer and help you make an informed decision.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Account Management: SuSocial allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from one central dashboard, which will save you time by eliminating the need to log in and out of multiple accounts. You can easily switch between accounts and manage them all in one place.
    Every account will have its own unique browser attached to it so your accounts won’t be connected to each other in any way, and you can link your accounts to proxies using our Proxy Manager tool.

  • Facebook & LinkedIn Auto Groups Poster: With SuSocial you can use the Groups Finder Tool to find groups in your niche, and use the Groups Joiner Tool to join these groups and then create your campaign and start posting to these groups. You will have full control over how many posts each account should do per day, and you can create your posts using advanced multi-level spin syntax to make every post unique.

  • Automated Engagement Tools: You can automatically follow, like, and comment on other users’ content based on specific sources such as followers of specific accounts, users that engaged with a specific post, hashtags, or locations. This can help increase your account engagement with other users and attract potential customers, without the need for you to manually do it.
    Grow your accounts with famous growth tactics like follow-unfollow, story viewing, likes, comments, auto-tag… etc.

  • Post-Scheduling: You can create and schedule posts in advance, allowing you to plan and organize your social media content ahead of time. This eliminates the need for you to log in to your social media accounts multiple times to manually post content:

  • Posting to Instagram profiles, stories, and reels.
  • Posting to Facebook profiles, pages, and groups.
  • Posting to LinkedIn profiles, pages, and groups.
  • Posting to Twitter profiles, and posting videos through TweetDeck is supported.
  • Posting to Pinterest’s own Boards, Boards you are a collaborator on, and board sections as well.
  • Posting to Reddit profiles and Subreddits.
  • Posting to Tumblr profiles and pages.
  • Posting to Youtube channels.

You can schedule as many posts as you want in advance for 8 social media networks. For example, you can create one campaign, select where you want to post, and add a list of posts to the software and SuSocial will take care of the rest and post to all destinations automatically on your behalf.

  • Content Scraper: Scrape hundreds of posts automatically from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, RSS Feed, and LinkedIn and repost them as your own, we will be adding a feature to rewrite the text of the posts using ChatGPT in the next few weeks as well.

  • Direct Messaging: SuSocial’s direct messaging feature allows you to send automated messages to new followers or other users based on specific filters . This can save you time by streamlining the process of engaging with your followers and potential customers, without the need for manual outreach.

  • Advanced Multi-Level Spin Syntax: Our software supports the use of multi-level spin syntax, if you don’t know what this is, just ask ChatGPT or do a small search in google. It is extremely important to keep your accounts safe when you are posting to multiple groups, using the comment tool, or sending mass DMs in an outreach campaign. With one good multi-level spin syntax, you can get thousands of variations of your text.

  • ChatGPT integration: Take advantage of ChatGPT smart writing models and automatically generate content for your social media posts.

  • Automatic Captcha Solver: Say goodbye to the frustration of manually solving captchas and save precious time, SuSocial support integration with the following third-party captcha-solving services: 2Captcha and DeathByCaptcha.

  • Automatic Phone Verification: We know that phone verifications take a lot of time, if you ever managed many accounts at scale, you will surely know what we are talking about and that’s why we support integration with: onlinesim.ru, smspva.com, getsmscode.com, 5sim.net, sms-activate.ru, and valar-sms.com

  • Automatic Email Verification: Connect your account email through IMAP or POP3 and let the software take care of the email verification on your behalf.

And much much more… Just think about the manual tasks you are currently doing, send our customer support team an email and they will tell you how you can automate most if not all of it using SuSocial.

Supported Tools For Each Social Network:
We support automation on the following social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, and TikTok (still in beta) . You can scroll down for a list of all the available tools, you can click on any and you will be taken to its related Knowledge Base article to see how you can use it.

Some tutorials are not ready yet, but they should be available soon, we also have 24/7 customer support if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.

20 Instagram Tools:
Follow - Follow Back - Unfollow - Like - Comment - Contact - Direct Messages - Manage Comments - Delete Posts - Delete Comments - Block Followers - Repost - Find Users And Hashtags - Like Comments - Save Posts - Story Viewer - Full Browser Experience - Mute Users - Random Actions - Mentions

24 Facebook Tools:
Group & Page Finder - Group Joiner - Group Unjoiner - Notifications Off - Account Actions - Accept Groups Members - Invite Friends To Groups And Pages - Contact - Friends Backup - Bump Posts - Comment & Like - Delete Posts - Cover Photo - Birthday - Unfriend - Like Comments - Full Browser Experience - Support Inbox - Search and Add Friends - Delete Comments - Accept Group Invites - Marketplace Renew - Reply Comments - Remove Non-Interactive Friends

27 LinkedIn Tools:
Group Finder - Group Joiner - Group UnJoiner - Follow - Unfollow - Like - Comment - Invite - Contact - Birthday - Unfriend - Like Comments - Endorse Connections - Accept Connections - Full Browser Experience - Profile Viewer - Connector - Search and Connect - Extract Emails - Profile Scraper - Like As Page - Comment As Page - Share Posts - Cancel Connection Requests - Events - Contact by Tags - Company Pages Scraper

9 Twitter Tools:
Follow - Follow Back - Unfollow - Favorite - Retweet / Reply - Contact - Mention - Delete Posts - Full Browser Experience

8 Pinterest Tools:
Follow - Follow Back - Unfollow - Comment - RePin - Contact - Create Boards - Full Browser Experience

7 Youtube Tools:
Follow - Unfollow - Like - Comment - Like/Reply Comments - Full Browser Experience - Watch Video

6 Tumblr Tools:
Follow - Unfollow - Like - Reblog - Contact - Full Browser Experience

5 Quora Tools:
Follow - Unfollow - Upvote - Answers - Full Browser Experience

4 Reddit Tools:
- Upvote - Upvote Comments - Full Browser Experience

4 TikTok (beta):
- Unfollow - Like - Full Browser Experience

Why Choose Us?

Easy Setup and Use:
Our software is user-friendly and requires no technical experience. We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to get up and running quickly, so you can start seeing results right away.
Automate your posts - Increase your followers - Engage with your audience and track your progress using SuSocial.

Affordable Pricing:
Say goodbye to expensive social media marketing agencies and hello to cost-effective automation. Our software provides you with all the features you need to grow your social media presence at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods starting at $39.95 per month only.

Our Guarantee:
We stand behind our software and are confident that it will help you achieve your social media goals. That’s why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our software for any reason, simply let us know within 7 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Proven Results:
Our software has helped businesses of all sizes increase their online presence and engagement, and we are confident that we can help you achieve your social media goals too.

Don’t let your social media presence fall behind. Try our social media automation software today and take your online presence to the next level.

Available Plans:

System Requirements:
is a Windows-based software designed for managing and automating social media accounts. Whether you want to use it on your personal computer or a virtual private server, the program requires a computer running Windows.

We advise using Windows 10, or 11 as your operating system if you intend to use it on your personal computer. Otherwise, we advise using Windows Server 2016, or 2019 OS on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

Utilizing SuSocial on a Windows VPS is recommended for a more practical solution and top performance. By using this method, you won’t need to keep your computer running constantly in order to run the software.

Get In Touch With Us:
If you have any questions or concerns about our social media automation software, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@susocial.com . Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance you need.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers, and we understand that sometimes issues may arise. Our team is always available to help, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you need any assistance with our product.

Refund Policy:
We offer a full refund for any payments made if a request is made within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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Released A New Update: Version - May 19th.

General New Features:

  • New Multilogin tool - This new feature allows for managing multiple online identities or accounts at once.
    With this, you can run several sessions concurrently, each isolated to ensure no data crossover.
    It ensures you’re able to navigate and operate various accounts simultaneously, without the need to log in and out

Software Fixes:

  • Pinterest - Follow back - fixed opening the followers page
  • Twitter - Follow back - fixed timeout error
  • Twitter - Campaign - fixed publishing clickable image links
  • Linkedin - Connector - fixed error code 44 - could not identify Connect button - when the Accept request to connect button is visible instead
  • Linkedin - Search and Contact - execute on profile - fixed error code 151 - could not find message button
  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with Export only active sources not being saved after restart
  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue when using abort scrape when api calls exceed a given number to show the source that was being used
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with changing the profile photo with the embedded browser
  • Campaign - Fixed issue with using open ai to rephrase extract text from scrape posts / rss posts
  • Linkedin - Profile scraper - fixed importing keyword sources from CSV file where the same keyword is used but with different parameters
  • Facebook - Remove phone number - fixed removing the phone number from the new Accounts Center
  • Twitter - Social Profiles - Tweet now from Actions on selected profiles - fixed error code 32 - Tweet button not found - by resizing the EB
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with password reset in the embedded browser
  • Facebook - Like exchange - fixed displaying posts links in the results tab
  • Instagram Post In Story - Fixed issue when sharing a reel in your story, the story was showing just an image instead of showing the video/reel in the center

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.

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Released A New Update: Version - June 1st

General New Features:

  • Multilogin - EB enhancements

Instagram New Features:

  • Campaign - Advanced Settings - Instagram - When posting in reels add an option to allow adding topics. You can select as many topics as you want and set up how many to include in your post. A maximum of 3 topics are allowed (Instagram limitation). You can set up an interval if you want to post a dynamic number of topics each time.
  • Social Profiles/Tools - Filter by Tag - Added new tag name called ‘has error’. Useful to filter only accounts that have errors.
  • Instagram Like Exchange Tool - Added option to select or unselect users from the “users to receive likes” list. Useful if you temporarily want to exclude some users from receiving likes.
  • Instagram Post In Story - Allow to post videos that are up to 60 seconds long.
  • Instagram Like - When viewing reels with contextual action option or when liking from like exchange view reels before like.
  • Instagram - Repost - Post Caption Text - added [AI_CONTENT] to the list of available tokens.
  • Instagram Export/Import profiles from CSV - Added a new column to be able to export/import API cookies. Useful when you buy accounts and want to add them using the cookies you got from. creation. Use the export selected profiles from Actions on Selected Profiles to see the format of the cookies column.

Linkedin New Features:

  • Linkedin - Connector - added a new option to connect first with the latest added users to the extracted list.

Twitter New Features:

  • Twitter - Contact - Send Message to New Followers - added option to send secondary messages
  • Twitter - Contact - Auto Reply to New Messages - added option to send secondary messages

Facebook New Features:

  • Facebook - Joiner - limited the number of retry group joins to avoid account being blocked

Software Fixes:

  • Facebook - Contact - Extract members - fixed extracting users from search pages. (error code 62)
  • Facebook - Contact - Extract members - fixed extracting users from followers pages
  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed accepting reel link posts in Share post source
  • Youtube - Unfollow - fixed enlarging embedded browser to avoid error code 173 - click did not unfollow. (mobile user)
  • Linkedin - Search and Contact - fixed sending out the message with the correctly filled-in tokens
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with password reset in the embedded browser

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Yes, of course.

We have a 5 days free trial, you can get started here.

Released A New Update: Version - June 30th.

General New Features:

  • Email Validation - Improved working with pop3 email servers

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram - Advanced Profile Settings - Added option ‘Use the embedded browser to log in and send cookies to the api’.Use this option if you want the account to always log in using the Embedded Browser(instead of logging in with the API) and then use the cookies for the API. Some users reported that they get loops(email confirmation/pass reset) when login using API, with this option checked you should be able to bypass that problem by logging in with the EB and importing those cookies in the API, and continue using the app after that
  • Instagram - Advanced Profile Settings - Added option ‘Scrape user profile data using a web session’.Use this option if you want to scrape the user profile data using a not logged-in web browser. Useful if you have issues with getting verifications on your scrapers due to too much scraping using the API

Linkedin New Features:

  • Linkedin - Send message - changed typing method to prevent losing break lines

Twitter New Features:

  • Twitter - Retweet / Reply - added option to Use AI Reply text
  • Twitter - Retweet / Reply - added option to send images for the Reply sources

Facebook New Features:

  • Facebook - Improved friends sync by using the Recently Added Friends list

Software Fixes:

  • Linkedin - Birthday - fixed identifying the textbox where to type in the message. error code 91
  • Pinterest - Campaign - fixed extracting description when scraping pins
  • Facebook - Comment - fixed skipping to comment on the same post more than once
  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed detecting a hanging post not being published. (signaling error code 104)
  • Twitter - Campaign - fixed detecting that the post has not been finalized and signal error code 194 - Tweet not posted
  • Instagram - Send message - fixed clicking on new message and avoid error code 168
  • Instagram - Fixed login issue in the embedded browser
  • Youtube - Unfollow - fixed unsubscribing from channels (Mobile UI) (error code 173)

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.
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Released A New Update: Version - July 4th.
General New Features:

  • Campaigns - Where To Publish - Destinations - added option to manage columns

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Added option for viewing stories of specific user’s source called “Remove the user from the list if it does not pass the filters”. Use this if you want the users to be automatically removed from the list if they do not pass the filters

Facebook New Features:

  • Facebook - Cover photo - Switching to the page before changing the cover photo.

Software Fixes:

  • Twitter - Retweet - fixed using the Reply from custom URL source when Use AI Content is on
  • Linkedin - Profile viewer - fixed extracting Linkedin profile link from Sales navigator profile - error code 43
  • Campaigns - Fixed issue with getting file not found error when posting

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.
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Released A New Update: Version - July 9th.

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram - Advanced Profile Settings - When using Scrape user profile data using a web session option added another option called ‘Scrape using specific proxies’.Use this option if you want to scrape user profile data with other proxies than the one configured on the account. You need to specify proxy tag names separated by commas that you want to use to scrape. The scrape will be done with a non-logged-in browser with one of the proxies you set up with that specific tag name. Make sure you have enough scrapers to not get blocked from scraping profile data.
  • Filter by tag name - Added two new tag names use only EB and use only API. Useful only for Instagram accounts to show which accounts are using API only and which accounts use EB only.

Software Fixes:

  • Instagram - Send message - fixed error code 46 - cannot find the message text area

  • Instagram - Send message - fixed sending the message text in one piece and avoid breaking it up into multiple smaller messages

  • Instagram - Like - fixed error code 45 - cannot find the like button

  • Instagram - Like - fixed error code 45 - cannot find the like button 3 when liking on the wall

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with Auto Email verify accounts not working in some situations

  • Instagram - Like - fixed detecting already liked post

  • Linkedin - Search and Connect - fixed clicking on connect button on Sales Navigator

  • Linkedin - Social Profiles - Settings - added new fast sync method that extracts only the first 100 contacts. Avoids timeout error for large accounts

  • Linkedin - Birthday - fixed detecting new position anniversaries

  • Pinterest - Campaign - added a fix for identifying the correct section in the board (error code 155)

  • Pinterest - Campaign - fixed saving the pin when the board name is already selected

  • Twitter - Retweet - fixed using the Reply to tweets based on keywords source when using AI content

  • Twitter - Create accounts - fixed clicking on the signup button

  • Tumblr - Campaign - fixed clicking on publish button when no tags are added to the post (error code 25)

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.
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Released A New Update: Version - July 14th.

General New Features:

  • Open AI - Added the option to use the GPT-4 AI model.
  • GPT4 works only for API accounts that have made a payment. click here for more info

Instagram New Features:

  • Global Tools - IG Create Accounts - added option to show account logs on the actions columns

Facebook New Features:

  • Campaigns - Advanced Settings - Facebook - added new option to use Reels for Page video posts

Software Fixes:

  • Instagram - Comment - fixed COPY SETTINGS for AI Content on sources.

  • Instagram Advanced Profile settings - fixed issue with the option Scrape user profile using web sessions. Memory data leakage and sometimes scraping failed depending on what proxy was used.

  • Instagram Advanced Profile settings - Removed the option Scrape user profile using web sessions as it wasnt working properly. With a not logged in session you cannot scrape too many user profile data.

  • Instagram - Fixed issue with Block User in the embedded browser.

  • Twitter - Retweet / Reply - Reply Sources - keep AI content settings per source item.

  • Facebook - Birthday - fixed timeout errors that caused multiple messages to the same user.

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.

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Released A New Update: Version - July 17th

General New Features:

  • Multilogin tool - added option to use Chromium browser for Multilogin accounts (browser tabs, history, extensions…)

Released A New Update: Version - July 16th

Instagram New Features:

  • Instagram Advanced Profile Settings - brought back the option to Scrape profile data with a not logged-in session

  • Instagram - Updated confirm email to use the new accounts center page

Software Fixes:

  • Twitter - Contact - Fixed issue sending messages

Automate Your Social Media Now Using SuSocial, a software carefully created by experts in the field.

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