Social media growth service/provider requested. Edited: MAX BUDGET 250 USD per month

Hi everybody,

After doing some reading and asking questions Im starting to slowly understand more about how IG works so thanks for sharing knowldege.
At the same time I understand it takes time to grow personally my business accoutn for the goals I want to achieve orthe few services I found interesting from people in the forum are crazy expensive for my budget.
I am out here therefore looking for help in the hope that trusted sellers will get back at me.
I dont have access to level 2 so I cant find people selling services on the directory so I would like if those who do sell services could DM me with price and startegy/method they use for growth. Please dont ask what’s your budget Just DM me all your service details with prices and offer variations so that I can evaluate everything.

Being a startup and having to IG and fb ads in order to sell is already very expensive and that takes away most of my budget, alonsige with production of the items i sell.

I am therefore looking for a reliable service that helps me getting organic targeted followers and build up a fan base pretty quick.

Thank you all for reading,

I hope i posted this in the right place

Looking forward to your DM’s :slight_smile:




This is relevant so you don’t waste our time…:+1:


Hey, I’m interested in the same thing as OP.

Budget can go up to $1000/month (for mother/slave service, for example), but I’m interested in highest value of course. There will be a lot of accounts I want to grow, so a variety of methods is perfect.

Thanks <3


100% this. No point putting a proper strategy together for you if your budget won’t work for us. Obviously you want the best quality service for a good price but if you’re set on spending no more than $50 (for example) there’s no point in wasting either of our times.


Sent you PM with my clients management services.
You can see it ony my MPSocial website as well.


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I do provide child accounts service but only for agencies & resellers.
But, i can makes exceptional and give you a spot. If you’re on low budget then i’m afraid this service is not for you!

All credit to post creator, i too am looking for similar services. Please DM


Hi guys, yeah makes sense, my budget is from 0 to 250 USD monthly so it depends on the service and value i get!.

If any of you have any ideas to help me grow within that budget let me know via DM !

I have updated the title thread too

Thank you all

$250 per month is not a great budget

Im running alot of M/S networks with great results for clients and the normal prices are

M/S Network
10 Accs - $300/month
20 Accs - $500/month
50 Accs - $900/month
100 Accs - $1500/month

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what does M/S mean?

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It’s mother/ slave method! Some people also call it child account method. Basically it’s creating extra “fan pages” that behave like real accounts and send traffic/followers to your real account! This is a very brief description here in the forum there’s much more detailed explanations, plus there’s few different ways to use this method. Hope I helped a little but definitely on the search bar you can find better info👌


good luck :slight_smile:

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I was wondering with this budget if IG advertising, with very good settings, would not be a good strategy


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Probably yeah, but I’m not good with advertising! Tried a few times with small amounts but got nothing in return!

Hit me up! Gonna do it for 250€ a month

Sent you PM check it out

What’s great result? How many new followers you get per child per day on average?

With this budget you can manual f/uf service or some shoutouts.