Social Media Marketing and Multiple Accounts

Hi MP family,

I have been reading a lot about creating multiple accounts to increase your traffic. My website is a marketing business. When you create your multiple accounts are they all niche accounts or more human accounts. For instance should I be creating 5 marketing advice accounts to increase my traffic flow? I was thinking :thought_balloon: I could break it into geographic areas such as: Socialite media Florida, Socialite media California ect…

Any input would be greatly appreciated :+1:t3::tada::heart::butterfly::rainbow::princess::sunrise:

It depends what social network you’re going to use. For Facebook, for example, you need to make human/real person accounts, since they ask you to use your real name.

What social networks you intend to use?

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I was hoping to use Facebook instagram and twitter. Yeah I thought I could target FB through groups in my user profiles.

As Adnan said for Facebook, go with real names and I would do the same for Linkedin as well and niches names for the other social media networks.

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Thank you for your help!

it’s easy to create a multiaccount without bans, I use the antidetect browser Gologin for this, it perfectly replaces fingerprints, and they are always unique, so you can run multiple profiles at the same time.
If you are going to arbitrage on TikTok using multiple accounts, then TikTik Ads is the best option. However, first make sure that the acc is normally warmed up and loaded with videos without copyright infringement.