Social Media Marketing and Multiple Accounts

Hi MP family,

I have been reading a lot about creating multiple accounts to increase your traffic. My website is a marketing business. When you create your multiple accounts are they all niche accounts or more human accounts. For instance should I be creating 5 marketing advice accounts to increase my traffic flow? I was thinking :thought_balloon: I could break it into geographic areas such as: Socialite media Florida, Socialite media California ect…

Any input would be greatly appreciated :+1:t3::tada::heart::butterfly::rainbow::princess::sunrise:

It depends what social network you’re going to use. For Facebook, for example, you need to make human/real person accounts, since they ask you to use your real name.

What social networks you intend to use?

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I was hoping to use Facebook instagram and twitter. Yeah I thought I could target FB through groups in my user profiles.

As Adnan said for Facebook, go with real names and I would do the same for Linkedin as well and niches names for the other social media networks.

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Thank you for your help!