Social Media Marketing Tool Ideas

I am a software developer with a bit of free time and a lot of passion for making something that will make the life of others easier and increase their productivity as well as ROI.

What are the challenges or app ideas to make your life easier?

Looking forward to your output.



I am looking for a telegram ad bot that will put my messages automatically in the telegram marketplace groups in a schedule I set it with?

Is it possible?

Also I was looking for a telegram bot that scrapes group users and lets me add into mine.
Should I develop a custom bot/use github codes/use softwares availaible on google search?

Don’t know if it works now, I’ve used it successfully few months ago. This is scraper only, I guess if you look into other projects on github you’ll find working adder too.

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These are the weapons( Tools ) to help Your Business grow on your Social media
as you know we need that active presence on our Social media To grow our social engagement on our different business and make money from that Social media presence

so here are my best social media marketing tools that I use and recommend for everyone
check them out and let me know if they help you

on which programming languages you can work bro? I have so many ideas and requirements.

Bring them in. I use mainly python :slight_smile:

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I put up this wish list of tools. Facebook and LinkedIn Tool Wishlist

make an app which is useful for promotions on multiple platforms and easy to use for beginners.

By making promotions, do you mean posting to those platforms and growing your account? Good thing we already have Jarvee and its definitely got your back :wink: You can learn more about it via

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Thanks for reply. But by promotions i means different marketing and ads promotions on multiple social media platforms at same time.

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