Social media people and payments

I’m curious, I read a lot of these journeys and I wanted to know the people who are doing social media for peoples business how are you accepting payments? Are you taking credit cards, checks? Etc?

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I accept Paypal, BTC and banktransfer. Never had a customer that couldnt pay within these options.


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doesnt paypal charge you a large amount? have you ever thought about going with a merchant services company?

7/10 pays by friends and family on request, then there are no fees.

Other customers i have to accept the fees. It’s a couple of $, very small piece of the monthly fee. Almost all customers asking for my pp. Happy for now.

Isnt free also i guess?

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Google wallet is also a great source of payment!

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theyre not free no, but there fees are lot less than paypal.


ill look into it thanks!

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You welcome hun

If you only have 1 PayPal account and you will have issues if you got it banned I will advice you against accepting payments as friends and family, they will block your account when they detect that.

3 Likes is also good for accepting credit card payments. Even recurring payments work perfectly. Easy to apply and no problems till now. Fees are acceptable. And a lot of payment plugins support Stripe.

If you like bank transfers is nice. They have a “Borderless account” where you can open many different local bank accounts in different countries and with different currencies. So you can have a US bank account in $$$, a British bank account in Pounds, a German bank account in Euro’s etc. And almost all their services are free or very cheap.

I hate Paypal. /

Thanks, didnt know that!

Because i was scared of chargebacks from clients i have more pp accs. They pay on the one i can loose, i transfer it to another on, then whitin some minutes i will withdraw.


strip is best at least much better then Paypal that is confirmed

Yes, if you do it that way it’s cool.

PayPal wants their fees, that’s why they don’t like payment as friends and family.

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