[SOCIALBLADE] The alternative!

Hello everyone! :blush:

I wanna share an info about a new statistic tool!

Since SocialBlade isn’t working, i pledged to find an alternative and the result is that i really found a new working tool for analyze your Instagram accounts.

Here below the link, hope it is useful.


It actually works! That’s neat. Thanks for the share. :slight_smile:

Will check in a few days whether the graphs show the daily changes. Seems like a great thing to give to your clients as well.

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dope! So many new websites emerging. Also love owlstat.com Made by someone here in the community !


Yes it really works the ass off! :rofl:

Happy to have been helpful :grin:

Currently i’m using that for my accounts and my clients and it’s showing all the daily changes correctly.

Exactly! there are a lot of new website emerging. This is a new one, made by two italian guys. :smile:

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Awesome, i love the HASHTAG section.


Thanks for the support! :heart:

In OwlStat you can also check all your accounts in the dashboard, others don’t permit that :smiley:

So many of them arise that it makes no sense to download data from the instagram, it is better to download from someone who already downloads data from instagram;)