SocialDroid? Is it legit?

They emailed me saying they found me from the Jarvee list.

Any one use them?

Never heard of them. But I know the jarvee list got leaked ages ago and people spam us.

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I wonder if it’s legit lol or a scam

It seems overpriced. Lots of mobile bots out there now.

Are any of them runnable on cloud? Or need physical phones?

Can you send some links to them?

All phones and each have their own bugs etc. I dont use them atm.

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You might want to check as well

How? what are you charging for client growth?
Socialdroid, is saying they can charge $49 to promote one page, I charge $129

I have no idea what the non automation client promotion world looks like now but I know in 2019 when the first wave of f/u blocks happened we had 400 clients & looked at moving to manual/mobile in India or wherever & just concluded we would rather do something else than try to manage 100+ people pushing buttons on phones on the other side of the planet. Then mass SV emerged & I have used that since July 2020

Looks like with them, “you” do the work. They simply rent the phones and their automation, you gotta DIY.

So that pricing doesn’t include management at all. Get your phone, take our guide, and we will see you later! Many do that currently. They might have trouble scaling themselves, so they tell clients to scale themselves :love_you_gesture: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its a bot not a service lol. 3 phones for $150. I know of better deals from more legit sellers. You can pay a va $50 to do all the work manually.

You can’t run lots of actions over a phone like you can with mp. You go fast you get ghost blocks.

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Yep. Exactly @denis1

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Thanks @denis1 & @heroeslair
Now I get it

For me the dream solution was always automation run from inside the client phone that way all actions came from the same IP/device etc

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This dream already exists.

Utopia unfortunately, because you can’t really tell your client that we will run 24/7 automation on their phone, so they should buy a second phone to do their calls / SMS / favorite apps. Client patience will last a few hours :grin:

Honestly, a few sessions are fine. We don’t need to stick to 1 single session on the client phone specifically.

Great - if it is stable I can place 100’s of pages into the system

You can tell the client we will run their promotion from a 2nd phone we will send them that they will connect to their wifi & that will need a $15 Mint mobile 4g subscription if they do not have wifi

Instead of controlling 500 clients from MP with my proxies, useragents etc
Control the Targeting from MP & execute the actions from a client phone connected at their location
Stop trying to Emulate the IG API, always playing catchup

It could be done in theory, indeed. However I don’t think sending phones to every new onboarded clients is a good business plan, both on the time & money management. Just my opinion, I imagine sending phones to 500 clients, huge operation to do.

I would avoid their wifi, because you can’t rely on clients wifi for multiple reasons - so yes, bette the mobile subscription :+1:

Indeed, MP not always makes it easy. If it’s just a location issue however, you can also spoof locations so that you run your client accounts from the desired areas (from where they are from). A bit more complexe, but it would avoid all these time wasting issues. Best is to test A/B/C as always, anyway.

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what is the use of it? just curious