Socialtradia Escrow Service

so around 3 weeks ago I paid socialtradia for their escrow service to help me buy an insta account to get the username. Somehow they managed to mess up the change of the password and email of the seller’s account so they told the seller that it’s going to take 2 weeks to recover the password. To my 2 emails about that issue they didnt reply, only to the seller’s mails. So in a few days it will be 2 weeks and lets see if it will work out how its supposed to.
Is there anyone else that experienced those kind of issues with socialtradia? How did it work out then for you? Any other experiences with their escrow Service?

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I have never used the above mentioned site before so can’t vouch for it.
But i have friends that have been selling accounts there for more than year Now. They said they are Safe, they pay on time and they have decent customer service. They might have some delay in their process based , but they are legit.