Socialtradia scam or not?

Would like to know if anybody here has experience selling accounts on socialtradia? is it a good place to sell accounts or is it a scam?

appreacite the input.



Best market for the moment! 5*


Is it popular? i mean do people really buy often? price looks crazy high


Yes and i think that those are real prices of the accounts ( if you has not info on bot tools) :slight_smile:

Search on google. They are on first place for selling insta accounts.


From the reviews on Trustpilot it seems to be trustable, but all the reviews are from people with only 1 reviews and they are almost all 5 star, which is kinda strange for these type of transaction.

I would give it a try, maybe not with very importants accounts at first, would love to see experience from others member if they will try this out!


Some time ago I informed myself about market places for Instagram accounts. If I remember correctly, a middle man is used for each transaction. Of course, that’s a bit more money that does not go into your own pocket. But in my opinion worth every cent, as far as he is good. The cost of a middleman is about 10% of the transaction costs.


If the service is as it seems it’s a fair fee, ebay charge that fee for every transaction.


That’s why I ask, if they really buy it’s a good place to sell.


The only problem with Social tradia is they could be slow sometimes. But if you have an account to sell you will get your money for sure. they are very decent.

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I’m also interested, thanks for the recommendation will try and report back

Are there other places to buy accounts that have the same type of protection that this site does?

Have you used it before? I also don’t trust trustpilot

I’ve used it before, it’s a legit site.

It’s a great site, the prices are a bit high but they know how to secure an account so it doesn’t get pulled, so imo it’s worth it.