Software/App for cold calls!

Okay so I want to start calling up businesses, I have a sim card and a phone whats just for my business and want to just call businesses up through there by using a ear piece.

Just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations on how to make lots of calls without racking up a crazy phone bill or if there are any good systems/software what can help you track your cold call proccess, like numbers you have called/ awaiting response etc!


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How many minutes per month do you get with your current plan?

Have you thought about a soft phone?

atm I’m on pay as you go don’t even have any plans or anything set up :frowning:

But really want to start cold calling emails are giving me a headache!

  • Any idea on roughly how much I should be paying for how many minutes, thanks :slight_smile:
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You are in the UK right? I am not sure what a good plan would be over there, I’ve been told you receive a lot of minutes and data at a reasonable price. Here in the U.S., unlimited calls, texts and 7 GB of 4GLTE data is around $50 with a major provider.

A softphone might be a good plan, it will give you a dedicated virtual number that looks like any other number. That way your main phone is never used for business.

Your pay as you go carrier may even allow free wifi calling, but you’d have to check with them.

Yeah I will check it out, thanks for sharing it with me :slight_smile:

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No problem, there are quite a few people from the UK around. Let us know what you pay, how many minutes you have etc and someone might be able to recommend a reasonably priced carrier. I have never needed to price a softphone, and have no idea of your budget, but I hope this helps.

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Software allowing you to keep track of people you have called and where you can keep info about for example when and who you have to call back at certain times is called CRM software.
Some CRM software has the ability to connect with phone services, sip. And allow you to connect a headset and dial automatically etc.
These are really specialized solutions, and it takes a lot of time and knowledge to find the right combinations of things to use. I tried in the past, which is free. But the add-ons are expensive. The other equipment you need is also expensive. Altogether it is not funny.

Now when I have to make calls I use my mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset, I love the Sennheiser MB Pro 1. It is not cheap, but audio quality is perfect. And Google sheets is also nice. Just make columns with people you have to call, columns where you make notices about when you have to call back with names etc.


Also, if you want to make cheap calls you can try
They allow you to make phonecalls cheap. UK landlines only $0.0057 a minute.
But you need a sip phone. This can be a real phone using SIP, or a software solution on your desktop or phone.

Here they have cheap sip phones:
A real one is often better than a software solution.

I am using didlogic already for some years, and really like them a lot. They have excellent customerservice. They also sell phonenumbers. I now have several phonenumbers, even a toll-free US number, and they are all forwarded to my mobile phone.


Thanks for the useful info! Appreciate it

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I prefer using my mobile with a bluetooth headset.

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Then he would need a VoIP provider and plan.

Or he can build voip server, so he can use number from us.

First post…

I am from the UK and my personal contract is a Sim only 1 month rolling contract (basically can leave and get another plan whenever I want). I get 250 minutes, 7gb data and 5000 texts for £10/month.

Did a quick google search…

Unlimited minutes & texts for £7/month beats my “deal”, haha.

Hope it helps,


Here in NL you have unlimited minutes just for 20/30€ per month.

I pay 27€ per month
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited SMS
40GB int

Whatever you do, don’t choose cheap/unknown providers😬

Before i had cheaper provider but i had many problems. People can’t call me or problems in other countrys.

Disadvantages of VoIP:

Sky, BT, ID and Lebara are well known providers - more so than the other provider I found… (I’m with ID for 1 year now, no issues and deal is now better than it was when I paid for it!)

Though I hope you do your own research :slight_smile: