🎯 Software for scraping FB


Hello guys, I’m in need of good software to scraper in FB.
Please leave some suggestions below.

Thank you!


Would also be interested in one for Twitter.


zennoposter, you can create easily the scraper you need


What you need to scrape? Pics/names/groups?


can closed groups still be scraped? i would personally be interested in that as well


You need to be a member


Emails - Phones


Has anyone actually used this FbCandy service? They don’t seem to have a free tier to even check out whether the tool does what they say it does!


Not accusing or anything, just pointing out something I noticed:


The link you posted was from a subreddit with 4 posts and 3 of them are from a user with a similar username to yours… Just wondering whether you have anything to do with this app yourself…

Again, this isn’t an accusation - just thought I should know where I’m getting my recommendations from.


I think I’ve found a good tool for this.


It really looks like a self-promotion.
Remove your post so that no one reports it as spam.
That way you will not be harmed in the forum.




Any reviews on this?


I’m using something from Snaware (dotcom I think) called Facebook Graph search. It can extract a bunch of stuff. Costs like $40. Doesn’t look anything fancy or whatever but it does the job and nothing dodgy there, had it since months ago.


I honestly have not tested it yet.
It seems like a great tool, but I do not like the idea of paying a high value for the life license in a tool that can stop working at any moment because of the changes of the FB that are many in the last months.


Isn’t there a 3monthly package plan now?


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Seconded this. Works really well! I also use Sorting Social (referral link / non-referral link) which is great for extracting posts from Facebook and Pinterest.


Work for Look a like on fb?


How much does it cost?


is this still working?