🎯 Software for scraping FB

Hello guys, I’m in need of good software to scraper in FB.
Please leave some suggestions below.

Thank you!

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Would also be interested in one for Twitter.

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zennoposter, you can create easily the scraper you need

What you need to scrape? Pics/names/groups?

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can closed groups still be scraped? i would personally be interested in that as well

You need to be a member


Emails - Phones

Has anyone actually used this FbCandy service? They don’t seem to have a free tier to even check out whether the tool does what they say it does!

Not accusing or anything, just pointing out something I noticed:


The link you posted was from a subreddit with 4 posts and 3 of them are from a user with a similar username to yours… Just wondering whether you have anything to do with this app yourself…

Again, this isn’t an accusation - just thought I should know where I’m getting my recommendations from.


I think I’ve found a good tool for this.

It really looks like a self-promotion.
Remove your post so that no one reports it as spam.
That way you will not be harmed in the forum.



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Any reviews on this?

I’m using something from Snaware (dotcom I think) called Facebook Graph search. It can extract a bunch of stuff. Costs like $40. Doesn’t look anything fancy or whatever but it does the job and nothing dodgy there, had it since months ago.


I honestly have not tested it yet.
It seems like a great tool, but I do not like the idea of paying a high value for the life license in a tool that can stop working at any moment because of the changes of the FB that are many in the last months.

Isn’t there a 3monthly package plan now?

Seconded this. Works really well! I also use Sorting Social (referral link / non-referral link) which is great for extracting posts from Facebook and Pinterest.


Work for Look a like on fb?

How much does it cost?

is this still working?

Yeah, it’s good. But I was using it to extract from graph search URLs. Facebook just got rid of or changed the Graph Search feature a couple of days ago so if that’s what you want it for you may want to hold off. The targeted friends adding I do relies on this so I’m not sure what strategies will be possible afterwards.

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