Software performance drop after September 16 update


after software update on September 16 we are noticing 30-40% lower performance on both our servers (follow and unfollow only through EB) and now we cannot reach even 80 follows per day (so 3-4 follows per hour). Before the update it was around 100-150 follows daily.

Our VPS parameters:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 6xCPU Intel Xeon Gold 6136 @ 3.00 GHz
  • 100 GB SSD

Has anyone else noticed the same problem after the update?


Same, huge drop. Also unfollow tool has been a pain…


Same is happening here. Everything is verrrrry sluggish

Edit: You might want to edit full software names out since it’s not allowed?


Same here but strangely most of my follow action is still performing normally. However my unfollow is not moving. Only 10-30 unfollow in 24 hours. I don’t t think it’s a vps issue, rather a Jv bug :spider:

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with your Specs VPS shouldn’t be an issue? but whats the average CPU usage?


Could you fu*king report it to support team, so they’ll take a look deeper?
I’m in TeamViewer session withh them second day in a row but we still couldn’t find the solution.
If you reffer your issues to them, most likely they got more information about that.
My unfollowing tool works just weird. Thanks


All of the same for me, unfollow blocks are actually the biggest issue for me right now, in that the unfollow process is VERY slow and I keep getting hit with blocks.

Already reported 2days ago. Follow with a standard reply asking for error logs.

I have send them everything and waiting for their reply. They are taking forever to reply… :man_shrugging:t2:


Same here, still waiting for their reply.

The same here , the function of seeing stories does not run says there are no more results. The accounts don’t finish their daily limit and everything is slower

agree, follow very slow actions, and like keep search no results

Some accounts can reach 200 per day, some not, with same settings.

Buggy as fuck

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Any updates from J?

‘increase your settings, tool action estimator’ meaning what exactly? @Kacper_Kiedrowski

It’s estimated numer of actions per hour and day, like below:

Instead of 30 follows per hour I had about 8-10 follows per hour until 16 September update. After update it’s about 3-4 follows per hour, so these setting doesn’t realy matter.

So the solution is now to increase these? Or what did you actually change since your support reply? @Kacper_Kiedrowski

I currently do about 2 to 6 per operation

i think your issue is low server specs tbh… we have 4x stronger computer…

last update takes up waaaay more PC requirements and data too… (EB update) more scrolling etc


A colleague here from Poland can help you do 150-200.

Maybe it would be easier to noindex this forum completely from search engines instead of hiding software name as many people make mistakes and write, so everyone from outside forum don’t see anything… because if its for IG spies or their anti-spam team they probably already aware of every major software used for atutomation.

Can you recommend a specific dedicated server for 250 accounts each? I’ve been looking around but it’s all chinese for me at this point. @andrejo

My greencloundvps Guru at 70 dollars each version isnt cutting it anymore…