Software to create multiple email with my domain

I wish to create account but i need some real emails that i can control. does anyone here know a software that i can install to create multiple emails on my domain. Thanks in advance

I am not aware of any such software but one can surely be made.

1.A script where you integrate all the professional email providers like godaddy,namecheap,gsuite,office 365 professional email with a payment method and then run it.

2.If you know how to host your own Business Email then also it is more of a custom request according to me.

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im sure its been done by someone. all of us have domains and to create email account we control would be very advantageous since logging into each gmail or rambler email is time consuming.

You would need a Linux script to generate them.

Or if you have your domain on a cPanel-powered hosting account (like most domains) you can create a list of email usernames and import it.

You may find the “cPanel >> Home >> Mail >> Import Addresses and Forwarders” option helpful. It’s documented here:

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Why not use a catch-all email address? Then you can just make up emails, and everything will arrive in 1 mailbox.

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ohhh just make an email that catches all the variations but here is the question, whatif i get a EV and Jarvee has to retrieve that code. usually EV come in groups

thank you that s a great idea

That will probably not work. I do EV’s manually in the EB.

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