Software to manage a small farm of android phones

does anyone out in the field have knowledge on how to make a set of phones behave in the same way… right now its hard to control 50 phones one by one everyday. thank you in advance for your insights.

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How many accounts do you have on each device?

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5 plus on each device since this is new to me

You probably need vas

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a virtual assistant?

Yeah. Well probably actual assistants if physical phones. Otherwise youd need some form of bot of appium based setup with all phones attached to a computer which will murder the cpu and ram.

I know of a bot that can connect lots of phones but it’s costly. If you live in a developed country then I would hire a cheap team of assistants. Otherwise you will need a coder to put together something and a big server to handle it.

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You can use ADB to control the android phones from your computer. It’s pretty straightforward too to use ADB to control the phones

If the phones have different resolutions/screen sizes, you’ll have to write some different code for each one. But that’s a one-time effort.


Hard part is having 50 phones running on same device. Which would require a big usb mass port plus a big computer or physical server.

Yeah, agree. He would at least require a 50 USB mass port.

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