Solution for 508 temporary block

Hey everyone! So I’ve been using three scrapers to feed my main for a couple of months now and aside from needing to verify the scrapers every so often things have been going well. Today however I started get a 508 temporary block on my main account which was running through the API. I tried some of the techniques post from nov ‘19 in this forum but they didn’t resolve anything. I sent an inquiry to JV but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this and/or had a solution.


can you open the EB and see if you are able to do actions from there if yes then you can change to EB instead of API.

Did you use this account manually as well to do the actions for which you are getting blocked? Maybe you should reduce your settings, in case hey are aggressive.

I tried on EB and I’m not able to perform actions there as well nor on my phone. My follow settings aren’t too aggressive and I’m well under the 6000 follows/month

No, I don’t ever follow manually from my phone so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Do you have both the option “Use the embedded browser to follow” and the option “Enable API full emulation” checked in the advanced settings? If i remember correctly, error 508 only happens when you follow using EB. Does IG state when the block will be lifted?

make sure that your scrappers and main account are on different proxies, then stop accessing the main account from your phone and give the account some rest, stop all actions for few days then see how it goes.