Solution for Accounts stucked for days in temp blocks!

don’t know if someone found out already - if you have accounts that are always temp blocked (not the 7 days hard block!) tell your customer to change their password and the temp block is gone! Tried it now 15 times and it worked for accounts that were stucked over days in temp blocks!

Edit: this in particular for Accounts where a normal “Relogin/Clear Cookies” did not solved the block.


I can confirm that this works! but if you log out after changing the password you will get a 7 days block.
We tested it :frowning:
Do not log out! just change the password in the app. and do some action to test, then rest it.

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yeah thats why i am saying the customer should change the PW by them self, cause they stay logged in

will test it now and let you know if it works for me

Did it on one account in the app. It’s working again. Thanks @Hank9991.


testing it now

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boom happy to hear!

Thanks for sharing @Hank9991 !!
its worked i just tested one account so far and will do the other accounts.
Thanks again bro <3

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I just tested it after changing my password and got Temp block after two follows. on JV not the phone . its working fine on the phone

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First things first, good thing is that the Account block is lifted now it “only” a Jarvee/Device Block do you use embedded Browser or API?

BAM! yes mate!

next thing you know you need to do 12 push-ups to lift those blocks up

thanks for sharing, ridiculous


I use the software to re log in on accounts that got the temp blocks. Works 85% of the time. Try it!!

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yeah but this works only if it is a device attached block. But if the customer or yourself is on their own phone blocked too it doesn’t help

Maybe you just need to logout then login.

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hey Drav, this a solution for Accounts that are blocked every where on client phone / via EB / via Api etc. so when the block is not somehow attached to a device but to the whole account

Yes I had this on my phone, i had accounts on my phone that had 7 day blocks which passed, this other account had a persistent block and logging the account out and then back in fixed it.

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So client changes password from their phone, and we stay logged in? Won’t we get invalid credentials after a few days and have to re login? What do we do on our end about the PW change

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Only EB no API

Hello, I have read but I still can’t understand the process, does the client have to change the password and we update it in jarvee?

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I have an account that I couldn’t do anything since over a week, every time action is blocked even on the phone! I changed the password using a phone, try to do a like and I immediately received a 1-day temporary block with a “yo shared your account info with software” warning!