Solution for error 508

Tired of getting 508s we decided to design a action plan to solve it.
So… After many different attempts, changing behaviors, settings, proxies, etc. etc.
We found a solution, at least for our accounts with our settings and maybe a temporary one.

After we got a 508 in the form of:
Autofollow account1 failed with 508 - Temporary block for user
Autofollow account1 Temporary Block suspending the tool until date/time

We did this:

  • We “Browsed” the account with the EB.
  • We logged in, “Fill in login” and “Enable manual browsing” checked.
  • We just used IG for a couple of mins, gave a Like and followed one account.
  • We closed the EB . (We didn’t logout)
  • We restarted the Follow tool.
    and…WOW. 508 gone!
    We repeated the same process in 8 accounts, all of them recovered and are doing Autofollow now without errors.

We will keep monitoring those accounts and apply this to other accounts getting 508.


was literally about to post who is still using EB and or started getting 508s again…

many people in the forum reported 508s again, sadly also on my end…

keep us updated.

Can someone tell me what is EB ?

Embedded browser.

Tested this “solution” but the actions described here are quite natural, don’t you think? You get a block so you log in to check if you can manually follow/ unfollow people. You log out afterwards and that’s it, I think many people were doing this already.
I can tell you, that those 508’s are not happening without a reason and if your account get’s them every x days, you won’t escape permamently from them, what should be a goal.

There’s nothing natural about using an automation tool.
Error 508 is happening only in the automation tool that most of us is using.
Many people have tons of accounts, as we do, and they don’t use the EB to browse IG, also you didn’t notice that I said * We closed the EB . (We didn’t logout).

If some people were doing this process we don’t have idea as we don’t have time to ask them that’s why we wanted to share it, I’m sure that many ppl in this forum will benefit from it.

However I don’t see any benefit on your comment to be honest. Thanks.

I got 24 hours blocks on two of my accounts, i was working with them manually follow/unfollow

Manually in a phone?


Since we finished the process described above.
We are pushing hard this account in the last minutes.

Yes in a phone

How many follows/unfollows were you doing per day?

I was doing only follows per one day 400
And the next day unfollows

hey you are doing this for api accounts?
what about accounts on eb?
we cannot perform the like or follow when 508 is there.
even after restarting it again gives another 508.

Hi, i hve just started using jarvee.
I M running 2 main accounts and 2 slave accounts one each for main accounts. Also, I m running my main accounts on vps and Slave accounts on DC proxies.
When I first started using with one Insta account, it was alright - all follows and like went through. When I added my second main account, I started getting 508 error on my second account so I stopped it and after 2 days when I restarted it, I got instant 508 error.
Now my first account is also giving this 508 error which was earlier working fine.
Slave accounts are working fine as of now.
As of now, I have stopped both my main account.
Have sent my issues along with settings screenshots to jarvee customer care but the solution they have provided is quite generic and going through the threads here there are people who have already implemented those solutions but are still getting these errors.
I will wait for a few days and try again and if it doesn’t work I will have to let go of automation, as I have not found any solution for 508 error on any of the threads.
Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks

I haven’t found a solution for this error yet, but I am getting this weird error too. What’s weird though is that I receive the error and then when my account(s) perform another action it’s able to run fine. It might be a bug.

Mine sometimes lead to logging out i of account automatically. No solution as yet.