[SOLUTION] How to boost your engagement!

Low engagement ? :raising_hand_man:

How I personally fix it

1.If you have a repost page its easier , you just need to target other pages from you niche around your page size , and see what posts work for them

2.I usually , target posts that have more comments , since they would probably have a good CTA already in the bio that goes well with the post , and I would just use the same bio and just change the follow CTA to my acc

3.Hashtags , if you dont already have a group of hashtags that works with your page , just use the same hashtags from the viral post and see if they work for you . PS: 99% of repost pages will put their hashtags in the comments , so if you do not see any hashtags in the bio just try and search them in the comments

4.I use Xpost to find my viral content and you can find it on telegram , its a bot from where you can filter the posts from targeted accounts by comments ,likes , date etc

5.I start posting more , lets say if you post 1-2 posts per day , start posting 3-4

6.If you’re reposting videos , chose a clickbait video cover that will boost your post the most , if the video that you repost already has a clickbait video just chose that

7.If you have a personal page , just try and mimic viral posts from other pages in the same niche , lets say if you are a babe or something and you see another page which has the same followers amount as you and also 90% of their posts have the same amount of likes as you , and out of nowhere they have 4-5 posts that have 3-4k likes , just try and do the same , or if you have a creative mind improve that post in some way .

8.Consistency + Viral posts + Viral Caption/Good CTA and also reply to all the comments

9.Do the same with stories , post 3-4 viral pics with polls every day no hashtags just polls


Thanks i will give it a try :slight_smile: