Solution to send emails from business domain

Hey guys, i’m using aged gmail accounts + mail merge to send cold emails. However im not comfortable sending emails from ending. I want to look more professional and send emails from my business domain . The only problem is that i can’t use things like G-suite, because they are fresh accounts and limits are bigger on an aged gmail account rather than on a freshly created gsuite account. However the only problem is finding the solution to send those emails from my gmail with a business domain. I tried to use migadu, zoho hosting, but they block me for sending emails from their smtp after i conect a domain.

Can anyone help me?

This sounds like a budget problem, not a “is it possible” problem.


Just warm-up them correctly, while the first batch is done, start with the next. The same can be done with any SMTP/Mailserver :slight_smile:

Completely agree with @HenryCooper

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