[SOLVED] FB upload a photo of yourself verification


Hi to all members of the forum
firtst of all sory for my bad english
I have find the solution of FB upload a photo of yourself verification.
All my profiles is womens and the facebook start to block them with selfie verification
Now with THE SAME photo i unblock my profiles in 2 seconds
How i do that?
In a p**rn forum i get amateur photo sets for my profiles and in one set i find a selfie of a woman
The photo is look like legit with a clear face of the woman in a room

  1. I have resize the photo with a free program to 3MB size
  2. i have name the photo DC - 156.jpg or something similar
  3. i Change the timestamp of the photo with the same free program

The woman in the photo have black long hair
and with this photo i unblock BLONDE womans profile or any type of hair or eyes
So if the photo is clear then the autosystem of the face unblock the profile
if the photo is not clear it will check it by human
DO NOT use random photos from internet
follow my steps 1 2 3
Good luck

Facebook photo verfication success story

The endless uses of amateur p0rn


So, you’re saying that you can have the system auto unblock an account no matter what they look like as long as the face is clear? I intentionally acquire multiple photos of someone before I use the account. I keep them in hand just for this purpose. I’ve saved a few accounts already by using these photos.


that’s great bud, how many profiles have you unlocked using this method?
care to share your program name?



i use fastone image viewer , Google it


I think what the poster saying is FastStone Image Viewer,correct me if i am wrong,thanks.


yes FastStone Image Viewer


@enalla is it still working or not? i have about +10 accounts stuck on upload a photo i don’t want to upload because they’ll be disabled
if it’s working should the photo i have to upload match one of photos inside the account?


is this still effective? does the photo have to be ‘related’ to the original profile photo?

anyway to recover my profile photo if i didn’t back them up properly?


iv’e found a solution i can’t share it PM me


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Does anyone have a solution for the selfie problem?

Have the above method tried and with me the account was locked (maybe I did something wrong) :frowning:

Would be very grateful for any tip.