[SOLVED] "Follow people from a provided list" sources disappear

This message is for one of the tech or devs of MP. We have been receiving tech support for this issue, and I’m still awaiting a response to our question pertaining to why we can have copied settings for all of our Twitter accounts, yet, it deletes our provided list for others. Though the settings are the exact same everywhere, and it works for some, but not for others.

While I understand that you’ve stated to ‘delete’ some of my specified settings, I’m not sure why it is working for some of the Twitter accounts, but not for others. We’ve asked this via email support, but saw that it was boldly highlighted in the email to check out the support forum, so, here I am (and since we haven’t obtained a response to completely understand what is happening).

I guess that is what you guys wanted us to do. In ANY event, if someone from the MP team can clarify this a bit more, we would appreciate it, as I do not want to forgo ANY of our preferred settings. Thanks much.

Can you clarify a bit what you mean by it deletes the provided list?

Often people will add sources to an account that is not verified or active. The sources will not add themselves if the account is not active.

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@wortime - I mean that I have 8 accounts at present running for Twitter. All copied with the EXACT same settings from the first account I created. I was told that I have too many preferences, so my lists that I am using basically delete because of that. I would find this to be accurate IF I did not have 4 successful accounts running with the EXACT same settings - they run pretty good while the others essentially stop and then delete ALL provided lists I keep adding. They’re all the same caliber of lists, too.

I’ve been using MP for like 3-4 years (before upgrading to this unlimited, and I’ve never had this problem). Then again, I only used it for my main accounts at the time, now I use for other accounts. Ah, well. I will see what happens. I removed some of my preferences from those accounts which keep stopping, so I will see what happens (I still cannot wrap my head around WHY that would be the case if I have several accounts running which have the preferences I want and specified).

THIS POST IS UPDATED There was no bug in MP, just needed clarity after all, which I obtained…see response to Said for anyone who may need it. Thanks, MP Team. Also, thanks Wortime for looking to assist.

We are only promoting the forum in our emails as we noticed that lot of our users find really useful information here, we didn’t mean to move your Mass Planner issues here. We are sorry if it sounded like that.

Mass Planner is built to delete the sources from the “Follow people from a provided list” once they are followed or once they fail the filters and I think one of our developers already explained this to you. They will be checking why they are not removed from the source of other accounts as we might have a bug there that’s causing that.

Your issue has been already forwarded to our developers and they are checking what was the issue exactly. Please be patient and wait for their reply.


@said - Thank you for letting me know, I didn’t mind bringing it to the forum, as that makes sense, as I have thought about it - in some cases, especially.

Daniel has rectified this for me from your team and gave me clarity as to what was occurring, and I checked this morning, so everything seems on track now.

If anyone else has this problem in the future - it is because if you choose Target of Friends Of Target Accounts - gets you the followers of the URL you’re targeting, and Follow People From A Provided List - gets you EXACTLY ONLY those people. I On some accounts I was doing one thing, and the other accounts, the other. I needed ‘Target of Friends of Target Account.’

I usually have no problems with MP - it’s been great for a long time, but could not understand how it worked in some accounts with the same settings, but not in the others. I consider this issue to be resolved. If something else occurs, I will let you guys know.

Thank you, kindly.