[Solved] Ghosted Group Posts

So iv’e been faced so many troubles while using fake accounts for spamming on groups
iv’e learned a lot since fb became so strict and one of these problems that so many publisher or fb spammers face is getting ghosted when posting to groups no matter what type of post it is
so i figured out how this happen or when you trigger this kind of block on fb security algorithm
i’ll give you why this happen and how to solve it

when you got ghosted it’s defiantly posting the same content again and again no matter what content you post especially photos that got high possibility to be reported by users ,

to avoid getting ghosted or even getting banned you must stick to rules that you should put for yourself when spamming don’t make it Missy and just posting without giving fuck if you really have good accs treat them like the way you treat your real one so

  • don’t post the same content for 3 times try mixing and change some stuff on your post.

  • if you used to post photos that highly will got reported then edit it every time you want to post it
    resize and flip and do some stuff using Photoshop or whatever editing app .

  • for links don’t post the same link again and again like if you posted it for 5 times a day then it is
    the time to re-shorten it and bitly is the best option you’ve got, customize your links with it.
    this mean you have to post unique content every time you spamming groups because normal users obliviously not posting same shit all the time and Facebook love normal users who just use fb for fun .

How to solve it?
guess what? you just have to react with other people on groups that you target like doing comments, like some shitty posts, i don’t know what to say just be dumb as regular users who likes and comment on people posts "using stickers on commenting to others post highly recommended "

sounds weird right? but believe me it worked out for me on 3 accounts so far and they back to shine again and engaged after getting ghosted for 2 hours or less.


after testing and testing i figured it out FACEBOOK WANT YOU TO BE REAL or at least show them that you’re real and normal shitty user.