[Solved] Hostgator closed my cpanel account and all my sites are down. Suggest hosting company, thank you!

I received an email from Hostgator for a website with trademark infrigement! It said to remove the content withing 48 hours or my account would be suspended. I went to cpanel to remove the website. But I couldnt log in. Then I check all my other sites and they are all down, saying contact support! I think they closed my account for good. I need a good hosting company that doesnt care about DMCA because all my sites have trademark infrigement, I am giving free resources for trademarked games!


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Thank you @wortime !

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Thank @vendis he is the one with the info.

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Did you call them?

I just spoke with them. They unsuspended my account. They have sent me these emails before but never suspended my account that is why I thought they wouldnt unsuspend it anymore. Now everything is fine, thank you for your replies

Always do a phone call first , if the option is available .