[SOLVED] How does Highproxies INSTAGRAM proxy setup? Thx

How can I set up INS proxy in the right way? I tried all the method on FAQ and HOW-TO-USE but none work… It will pop up USER and PASSWORD window, but after log in successfully, I cannot connect to ANY websites Also my android and IOS can not use INSTAGRAM.

my PROXY is
1InstagramProxy dallas05.highproxies.com 69.XX.XX.XX

Urgently waiting thx

Question Solved


Just an FYI, this is NOT a support forum. If your issue is with the proxies, then you should contact the proxy provider.

The proxy would have NOTHING to do with the fact that your Android or Iphone can’t use Instagram. Nothing, zip, zero nada.

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Glad you solved it.

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But this is neither public forum like Quora in which SEO is useful lol. Bet you lol behind screen too when seeing Android things