[SOLVED] If I am private messaging User #1 and quote User #2 will they be notified?

…The title says it all :smiley:

I would like to know if I can talk to User #1 using Private Message and quote posts by User #2 without them being notified or get the ability to read the PM between User #1 and myself.


  • If User #1 & User #2 are sending each other Private messages, and quote User #3’s post, User #3 will NOT be notified

  • If User #1 & User #2 are sending each other Private messages, and mentions @User#3, User #3 will NOT be notified

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Lets test it.

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Sweet! Anyone else want to join in…we will need a 3rd person.

Someone send @wortime a message :stuck_out_tongue: , and quote one of my replies. Ill see if I get a notification :smiley:

Reply back once done.

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Done check if you got a notification.


Test is done and done.

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Awesome! Thanks @YungBuck and @wortime for taking the time to test this.

Its official! You are NOT notified when someone mentions your post in a Private Message (If you are not included in the private message).

While you both are here, can you also try to see if mentioning @BrandonBerner in the private message notifies me? Let me know once you have done it.

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Mentioned in test

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Great! Thanks for doing that.

I was NOT notified that you mentioned me in the Private Message.

Thats great news! Private Messaging is in fact…Private :smiley:

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If anyone is wondering why on earth I wanted to figure this out, its because I want to talk behind all of your backs!

…just kidding!

I want to quote all the complements I have received on the forum by sending myself a PM. They are to nice to just read once :smiley:

I will also be PM myself quotes of others, and keep private notes on them for future referencing (kind of like the Bookmark feature + adding my own notes/ideas).

Lastly, I want to pre-write out future topics (like a draft) and once complete post them publicly

I dident want to bother everyone by mentioning your posts all day long every day.


:smiley: good to hear, that’s how it should have work indeed.

it has started :joy:

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