[SOLVED] IP+Port combinations

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if using the same Ip with two different port will count as two different Ips.
Let me explain with an example:

First Ip:port:
Second Ip:port:

Will IG consider each combination as a unique connection source ? How much accounts per ip:port do you recommend in this case ?

They will be seen as the same connection/IP. However, they may also be seen as spam depending on the configuration. Do not confuse a datacenter IP/Port as you would a home connection. Those massive rack routers will send your traffic out of each port, to it’s own “unique” IP.

If you were to port forward your IG traffic (which is way above your skill level) through different ports on your router, it would make zero difference.

Lets say you used ports 443 and 80, one is encrypted (HTTPS) and the other is not (HTTP). The IG traffic, or all traffic can be forced over either port, the end result being the same IP.

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Ok, thanks for the response, those are datacenters Ip:Port not my home connection, all of them are HTTPS.
PFing IG traffic through home router is easy and useless, so no need to say that’s way above my skill level. You don’t even know me to have such a statement. Humility is a virtue.

As @wortime said, no. TCP/IP doesn’t work like that. The port number you’re referencing is the port that you connect to with your client - browser, massplanner, whatever. Instagram never sees that & wouldn’t care. You’ll always connect to the ports that they have their servers listening on, 80 or 443 again as @wortime pointed out.

With all due respect, no need to get pissy man. The fact that you’re even asking such a question would also lead me to believe that this is above your skill level. It’s not meant as an insult, just a statement of fact.


So man really go check your intel, and I think if there is any skill level to doubt, it would be yours.

WTF are you talking about man? I have 20+ years experience as a network / systems administrator.

Okay, so let’s explain what you clearly don’t understand.

I also use Massproxy. If you’ll take a minute to open the EB on one of your accounts, manually browse to google & search “what’s my ip”, you’ll see that your public address - the one that IG sees - is not the one that you’ve configured to use as your proxy. In my case, they’re using IPv6 addresses on the public side.

Okay, so here’s what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • You configure massplanner to use as the proxy address
  • You send traffic to that port
  • Massproxy’s firewall / router / whatever is configured to take traffic that arrives on that port & NAT it with whatever public address they’re giving you.

So, in order to pull off what they’re doing, you’d need

  • A fairly large pool of IP addresses
  • Network hardware capable of doing policy based routing
  • The ability to properly program said hardware

The fact that you asked [quote=“mbrstart, post:1, topic:12904”]

if using the same Ip with two different port will count as two different Ips

tells me that you don’t have that knowledge because that was just a stupid fucking question.

So GTFO & watch who you try to call out around here.



But cannot resist


ZOIKS. What have I done around here?

As @trolling4dollars stated, it was just a statement. If you ask questions like that, I don’t feel like wasting a few months of routing and switching classes explaining the rest to you in another thread.

You also cannot port forward on their end. You could do it on your home router and that’s it.

I was simply trying to answer your question as succinctly as possible without insulting you. If anyone needs humility, you looking at the wrong guy there.


Thank you for proving what we talked about. Those ports go to another IP, that’s how a proxy works.

Also, thank you for the huge list of IP’s for us to get banned/free proxies.


Other edit:

Anyone need a huge list of free paid proxies? Anyone?

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You guys are savage. lmao. :joy:


Meh, he was the one who posted his list of proxies in a public forum that has excellent SEO. He also got way too defensive too quick for zero reason IMO.


This is going to be hard to explain to someone who only learns half the stuff, and then when asking about it, does not accept other peoples teaching, get overly sensitive, asking people to show some humility, and then start to show off their knowledge.

Back to what the image shows you, with one look, an inexperienced person will also ask about the same thing, why tf am i getting all the same damn IP? Is massproxy cheating it’s customers?

As pointed out by others above, no, they’re not. Not to say the won’t. But what massproxy does is just way too confusing and shouldn’t be used.

Here’s what they could do. They could map the different port back to the same IP, and you wouldn’t know about it unless you sniff their packets.

This 2, to you is both different, but they could map it back to


Any proxy provider would simply assume that anyone buying such a large block of proxies would know how they work IMO.

This is why I do not share my general proxy provider in the forum, only my low end proxy provider. I am working on a solution for ZERO proxies in the next 3 months. I should be done by now, but I have less than 10% of @trolling4dollars knowledge/experience, and zero in Linux and Debian.

I can copy pasta the material, but for what my solution is I might have to outsource it. I prefer to learn it though.

Does anyone even bother to Google how proxies work?

I have no doubt many of the value providers do just that.


I’m willing to bet if anyone is guilty of that it’s MassProxy. But what do I know? I can’t prove anything. :slight_smile:

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Which is pointed out by a few others in other threads, they are using ipv6, which has so many ip that it doesn’t make sense for them to bind them to the same ipv4.

But well, i’ll leave it at that, not going to repeat on the whole ipv6 thing.


Been meaning to check this software out. Maybe one of the more well versed network guys can confirm the effectiveness of the software. Maybe later today I will take it for a spin.


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ip:port is not the same as ip+port

ip is not added to the port to make up a new ip that you use to connect to IG so the answer to your question is NO, IG will not consider them unique

You should stop before you hurt yourself.


Is it the case for you ? Coz I’m freaking good

Guys, guys, there is no need for this, I think everyone made their point heard

@mbrstart your not doing yourself any flavours here, those are respected members of the forum and should be treated as such, cool down for a bit and don’t go around calling anyone a dumb motherfucker please