[SOLVED] Joined This Amazing Forum Today , Need Some Guidance

Hey mpsocial members,

I hope everyone is doing great.
I joined this forum today and I am trying to interact as much as I can and share whatever I have in my mind.
I am still not able to understand why I can’t see many links while I am being upgraded.
I need to view many posts by @Adnan as he is adding a lot of value. but links of his posts are not visible to me , please help me to make me understand :slight_smile:

Thank You,


His posts are not in the level one section. You don’t currently have access to the level 2/3 section as you only joined 5 hours ago. If you are having issues being upgraded speak to the staff


Hi @hassy Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

In order to view posts you will need a higher trust level.

Below is a topic discussing trust levels, and how to get them


Thanks for the info ill contact staff too

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