[SOLVED] Proxies questions , price + quality

I want to ad more proxies so i can use more social accounts , what is the best + price proxies that can not only use all social media , but also browse the whole internet and not only social media ? Is highproxie for this ? Thanx !

bro I use instantproxies.com its so good $1 per proxy no problems fuck highproxies idgaf if massplanner recommends them they fcked me over


are u fouseytube

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Oh how much I hate that quesiton :joy:

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Good tip: Don’t buy from providers that replace proxies.

Bro all what you need is here i think you will not find any think better

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thanx , i know the page but really which of those good providers offer proxies that browse the Whole web + all social media ?

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Who screwed you up? And how did they screw you up exactly?

if someone will tell you use this proxy provider so Implies a responsibility
so just try a provider with good reviews about it

Replaced my proxies without me knowing and gave me SHIT ones that got my accs banned and also had to make a ticket to actually receive the proxies and that took 2 days after purchasing

You can also read the comments from others reviewing different proxy providers on the topic…


There are only 2 proxy providers that restrict access to websites not associated with Social media.

  • ProxyMillion
  • MassProxy

besides these two proxy providers, the rest should all work with every website.

If the price for proxies are under $0.80/each then its likely they also only for accessing Social media websites.

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Problem solved ! thanx

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Glad to hear that :smiley:

Buyed , working great ty

They giving more free proxies if u just bought them Pm me so I can tell u how to get it

if you got a way for free proxies , i am all ears ! ty !

NP but pm me i cant say it on this thread they giving ppl 20% more proxies this month for free

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