[SOLVED]What is an engagement groups means?!

Hey guy i hear in those days the term “engagement groups” but in all the topics i didn’t dind an explanation about what is it?
all i can think about it is that an engagement group is a IG chat group with many people that have pretty much the same niche that want to grow each other… am i right?

An engagement group likes and makes comments on your posts on Instagram. In exchange you have to like and comment on posts of others. With many likes on your post your photo can end up on the explore page, rank well for hashtags etc.
You can recognize this trick when you see a page with 1000 followers having 5000 likes on a post :wink:
Often this is organised in Telegram groups. If you use google you will find many of these groups.

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Search for telegram for PC.Install it.
Join telegram engagement groups.
They have the rules explained in each group.
They have rounds.On each round a number of people decide to join.
Usualy engagement groups are ran by bots.When the round start you write the name of the account you want to get the likes on.You can drop multiple account names.Also you can give likes with one account and receive with another.
You have 20 minutes to join each round.At the end of these 20 minutes a list with all the accounts that are participating is droped.
You have to like the last picture of every account in that list.
In return all those accounts will like the last picture you post.
It is recommended to post a picture 5-10 minutes before this round begin,so you get an influx of likes as soon as you post.