Solving Facebook Page 0 (zero) reach


How long has this zero reach issue been on your page?


Sorry for late reply.
Do you have any success?

Just write text like “Can you please check again? All should be OK” or smth like this.


After 7 days again its back to normal… now i can post link with some good enough link reach… but not a zero link problem…
Thank you


Hello dear i did checked the link you provided and neither of my page is up in to the violation or block list …yet my page reach is zero …i got 100k+ followers on my page but page reach turned zero since yesterday .and one more thing should i boost my page posts to attain the reach or what to do next kindly guide me.


This is a problem a lot of people are having eith Facebook recently.

It’s called News Feed Temporary Ban, or smth like that.

Your reach will come back eventually after 7days to 30days.

There is no clear reason why this is happening but I think is smth linked to the new Facebook algorithm changes… They are trying to implement big changes this year to fight fake news, fake websites, clickbait, etc…


Seems they added another “funny” random element :game_die:


Facebook has blocked my website.please tell me solution.

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When they mark your domain as spam, most likely it’s game over for that domain.

I’d suggest you buying new one and moving your website.


It’s not just about domains, that’s very easy.

Right now they’re blocking reach on every kind of post without any explanation, photo, video, links, text, all kind of posts with zero reach


Did your page get back to normal. I am experiencing the same issue on 3 of my pages, they all have good quality, no prior violations and no clickbait links or anything like that.


Nope, still not back to normal.

It needs 30days at most… For them to come back to normal engagement


First of all thanks a lot for responding to my question. Would you suggest not posting at all for some time, and how would you know if the reach is back ? I am also facing some major dislikes since the reach issue.


Yes, dislikes is normal don’t worry.

What I do and other people did too is that we post just one photo or video per day, just to not let the page without posting…

There will be a time that one of the post will have normal reach but the others not…

Another way that some people say it fixes the issue is that they unpublished the page for several days, 5days and then published it again… After that the reach will come back to normal. Not everyone says this works, but you may give it a try.



I am also facing the same issue right now. Have you tried appealing at this link

My page is listed at this appeal page, should i appeal or wait for 7 to 30 days as you said.

Kindly replay



How did you get the reach back ? Have you tried appealing at the above link?
Was your page listed at the appeal page?

Kindly replay


You should Appeal,

If your page shows there you’re having another kind of problem, you posted clickbait or fake news links

You should Appeal…



Thanks for the replay. Have you got your page reach back ? was it listed on the appeal page?


Nope my page was not listed to the appeal page and is smth that a lot of people are having trouble with recently…

I don’t have reach on all kind of posts not only links.

As for the reach there are posts that get a normal reach, very rarely but it happens… Most of the other posts don’t have reach… Waiting for the 30days to pass to see what will happen


Thanks for the fast replay,

In my case, normal posts such as images getting excellent reach but link reach is zero. Do you know any one who got their link reach back after appealing at the above link?

Also in the above comments, ‘vimal_ram’ got his link reach back after 7 days, i think his page was listed in the appeal page. Already messaged him regarding this


Yes a lot of people I know got their link reach back after the appeal.

Reach in your case will not come always after 7days.
You can wait and see, but it’s not 100% sure.

What you should do is, change all the clickbait titles from your links to no clickbait ones, delete all fake news posts, and wait 24-36 hours and then appeal in the mentioned link.