Solving Facebook Page 0 (zero) reach


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Recently I found out that some of users have “zero reach” issue with their Facebook pages.

What actually happens is their page has literally 0 reach on each post. It’s not a Facebook bug, your page is actually blocked on Facebook since you shared links with clickbait titles or some other links that they do not like.

How to check is your page blocked and what to do about it?

It’s simple, just visit this link:

Appeal A Page Block

You have to be logged in to profile that’s admin on blocked page. If your page is listed there, you can select it and appeal against the block. See screenshot below, I don’t have any FB pages that are blocked but if I had, they would be listed there.

Make sure you give them nice reason to unblock your page so your reach can go back to normal.

Facebook spent last couple of months fighting against clickbait titles and fake news so this is consequence of their latest updates.

Now, appealing doesn’t necessarily means your page will get unblocked, but it’s worth trying since they definitely won’t unblock it by themselves.

Facebook Zero Reach (Help)

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Hello thanks for the info . Can i know if someone use this way with success ?


Personally, I didn’t got any pages blocked so I can’t say I had success. Anyway, it’s better to try it out, you don’t have any use of page that’s blocked and has 0 reach, right?


I got 0 reach when i post links if i post image or video i got reach normally. I have this issue at 4 pages and today 1 of them get back to normal after 14 days . I have contacted with facebook support team and they told me about the clickbait titles. I guess i must create now better titles for my pages


Yep, that’s their fight against clickbait titles…

In couple of years, they’ll start ordering us what we can write on our websites, put their own ads if visitor come from FB and all kind of crap :slight_smile:


1 of my page got this problem today…
can anyone suggest some of word to i write in appeal form?


Okey, just got unblocked my page. First I try appeal with link in start of topic, with some text, and they send back

Thanks for contacting us. We’ve reviewed your Page and confirmed that it still violates the Facebook Pages terms. As a result, the restriction remains on your page.

So I found more info about clickbait and changed headlines. When I wanted to make second appeal, I didn’t found my page in that list anymore. So I think it’s more like some are posts flagged, and when you remove/change them all is getting OK.

Link posts are getting impressions back now.


Hi. Did your other pages also recover after some time? Please let me know


Hi. How long did your link reach block last? Please let me know


any fom appeal


Yes, if it happens, just make sure to provide concrete arguments when contacting them. I had a similar experience, and they’ve unblocked my page.


Hi. I just discovered that my site was blocked due to clickbait. Pictures can break normal but external links are not displayed in the news feed just stay on my page. I did not receive any warning whether the block is permanent or temporary. I appealed, I do not know if it will be a positive outcome. Please help me what to do. What do you recommend me to solve the problem, is it possible to remove a block from my site for sharing external links