Solving Facebook Page 0 (zero) reach

Did anyone have their issue with reach dropping resolved. And if so, how? My page has had a dramatic drop in reach twice at around the same time in the past two months and we have worked really hard for years to create our following and our company relies on this reach… any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have been struggling with this for like 2 months now. The blocks are always 7 days and when I start posting it happens again in a day, 2 or 3… The support have no idea why this happens and what triggers it… If someone has an idea what triggers the block PLEASE do share!

P.S. I don’t post clickbait, spam and so on. just a regular page with some nice content… I have been sharing links for like 8 years and I believe I follow the rules well.


Same issue here. It’s been for 2 month and still no solution. Already talk to Support but now awnser to the problem :frowning:


I have the same problem too. My page has been oppened , the reach has been okey. After 5 days i faced the same problem again. I don’t know what should i do now ?

Is there anybody who knows the exact solution of tis problem ?

I also have this issue for more than 50 days, tonight the block went away and i posted a link and after 15 minutes after the post the block is back now again.!!. I have reported this issue more than 25 times but no succes. 10 times they told be that my page is fixed but the page is still blocked. This is clearly a big BUG on facebook.

What should we do now? Is your page working now?

Hi, everyone! Presumably, I think we found a solution to this problem and I`m glad to share it with you here.

To generally describe our situation. We were keeping banned for 8 times in a row for one week one after another. Usually, the ban on organic reach (which is called “feature block”) was put back again after 1 day, or few hours after the first post. We thought this is a mistake, and we were contacting the online support, they appealed to the internal team in order to investigate the case. Usually, the team would never find anything suspicious activity after a long time of this investigation (usually took them 2-3 weeks), as they said, or they told us that the block was put correctly and we just have to wait until it is lifted automatically. But again, that was continuous forever. We tried almost everything that we could, and one agent gave us a hint (or rather explained more about these feature blocks in details) that eventually created another “hypotheses” and we tested it for several days to support it. And now I`m sharing it with you, so hopefully that helps for many!

Well. To be short - post less frequently on your page. We analyzed that during the normal period (once we were unblocked and before the new block) some of our posts were posted in a very short period of time like 2-6 minutes between two. Basically, that way of posting triggered the system and we were getting blocked again and again. Thus, we tried to spread the posts to 2 hours, then to 1 hour, then to 30-40 mins between each and everything works just fine!

When you over-posting, or over-liking, or over-commenting, it raises a red flag and the system will automatically apply a temporary feature block to stop any potential abusive behavior. As it was said by an agent, over using of features results this “zero reach” block. Less often - other policy violations (which is really really rare as he said).

My suggestion is to stop posting during the ban, so the ban won`t be prolonged more than the initial set time (few hours, few days or a week) to like 2 weeks or a month. Then, just try to posts once in and hour or two. Of course, be aware of policy violations that may affect your distribution as well (most common is clickbait).

Maybe this works for your page because you were posting to much in a short period of time.
But the real problem about this block is Ad Break. Pages with Ad Break get this block again and again.

The block is called Monetization Feed Limit which is a huge BUG that blocks all the reach of all kind of posts not just videos. It doesnt metter that you publish monetized videos or not. If your page is accepted for ad breaks you will deal with this problem.

You need to request from facebook support to remove Ad Break from your page abd you will never deal with this problem/BUG again.

well, but thats kind of different issue. Most people experience the "feature block" which is what I described above. In your case - its a bug, as you are saying.

Quite of an update to this. Was working just fine but we are getting banned again. But still we believe that this is due to the frequencies and quantities. Algorithm works very strange.

Update 2.0.

There could be 2 reasons from my personal experience.

  1. Either try to slow down on posting and post once every 2 hours at minimum first weeks and then slowly go more frequent posts if needed.
  2. Specific post violated their policies and it triggered the algorithm once again. It is very picky on pages that repeatedly violate the policies and community standards. I really recommend to go over it thoughtfully.

We tried both at the same time to prevent future blocks. So far - so good. Good luck.


Our page of 4 years just got unpublished for absolute no reason. We were getting hit with zero reach ban for weeks before so we removed all the post and didn’t post or share anything for 1 month even to this point. There was no restriction, until now. But just 2 hours ago I got notification for my page being unpublished and then getting feature blocked, the emails came at the same time. But Facebook just unpublished it saying it violated rules. How could we break any rule if we didn’t post anything and have no activity on the page? This is getting out of control!