Solving Facebook Page 0 (zero) reach

Did anyone have their issue with reach dropping resolved. And if so, how? My page has had a dramatic drop in reach twice at around the same time in the past two months and we have worked really hard for years to create our following and our company relies on this reach… any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have been struggling with this for like 2 months now. The blocks are always 7 days and when I start posting it happens again in a day, 2 or 3… The support have no idea why this happens and what triggers it… If someone has an idea what triggers the block PLEASE do share!

P.S. I don’t post clickbait, spam and so on. just a regular page with some nice content… I have been sharing links for like 8 years and I believe I follow the rules well.


Same issue here. It’s been for 2 month and still no solution. Already talk to Support but now awnser to the problem :frowning:


I have the same problem too. My page has been oppened , the reach has been okey. After 5 days i faced the same problem again. I don’t know what should i do now ?

Is there anybody who knows the exact solution of tis problem ?

I also have this issue for more than 50 days, tonight the block went away and i posted a link and after 15 minutes after the post the block is back now again.!!. I have reported this issue more than 25 times but no succes. 10 times they told be that my page is fixed but the page is still blocked. This is clearly a big BUG on facebook.

What should we do now? Is your page working now?