Some Caption Text's won't get posted on the Repost Tool

Hey guys, so a Friend got an Issuse with Jarvee. When he is running the Repost Tool few Pictures will be posted WITHOUT the spintax. Without any Caption at all. And then some others have the Caption. What could be the reason for this? The Spintax is valid and he got like 20 Captions in it.

Thanks for any help in advance! <3

How many posts does he repost per day? Does he use the same set of hashtags?

I would recommend he tries to relogin his account:
Go in Social Profiles > select the account > actions on selected profiles > re-login accounts. Then restart the repost tool.

If the issue is still there, try using a different proxy and see if it will repost with the caption.

IG is deleting your caption. There are a variety of different reasons for that, from flagged proxies, low trust score of the account, using the same hashtags or tags, etc. If Ossi’s suggestions don’t work, you can try resetting device IDs as well.

Re-login the account and repost again, it may be a session block from the account I guess!

that is a temporary block from IG side a relogin should do the trick and if the issue persist he should reset divice ID and try again, the last solution is to stop posting for a few day then try again.


Thanks for sharing these Luca, this worked for me a couple of times :pray:

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I agree with the relogin fix, @hakupila you can use this option from Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > General tab

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Thank you for the info @Jessi. I was looking for this option can’t remember where I saw it. You’re the best.

Thanks Jessi, yes, this is also a very useful option and it’s proven to help with these types of issues.