Some lessons slap ya in the face

so all my accounts gaining – but two :frowning: those two my mains --crap – why?
uuggg – so I been thinking about this for 4 ever. then today I noticed something only I do in my mains I don’t do with others. Stories – I post stories on them. they couldn’t be it, could they?
well, stupid me share my other accounts stories on mains. … took them off this morning – guess what, er improved and less unfollows overall. it will take a day or two for impact to be felt however I can already see improvements. . One is private – other public.
Lesson learned is don’t share slaves posts in stories. hopefully, this is the root of the unfollows. Understand they each gain hundreds a day in new followers, however unfollowers killing then and in the red.


Oh wow, it kinda makes sense in a way. Were you only reposting stories, or posting originals ones too?

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i was sharing the posts of child accounts in my mains story. so far unfollows reduced.

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Interesting little change. Hope it helps and you are back in the greens soon :rocket:

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Your observations are always the ones other people miss. Really good knowledge you are spreading.

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Again the smallest change can have a very positive result, that’s actually one of the things I like about what we do, you need to pay attention to the smallest details.

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I agree with small changes.
Also lower down the unfollowing which reduces new followers

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im not sure i understand do your slaves repost your main accounts stories? Or is your main posting your slaves stories?

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Slaves post explore posts not mains . try to keep all posts different unless a shoutout

ah ok but but the main posts explore content as well? Or original content?

a mixture of both

Same here. I’ve been experimenting with my slaves reposting my mains most engaged posts. For example slaves are reposting all posts from my main that get like over 7k likes. They arnt tagging the main account either they are just using it to keep their views/engagement high since its top quality content in my niche. I have a theory that all pushing similar content adds to the virality of the post. Think about it like when a celebrity dies or something everyone is posting about it and it fills the explore page Slaves also follow the main but the main doesnt follow the slaves. Im trying to ensure i never negatively impact my main


Update. Yesterday first time gains of 20 follows. Understand this account losing hundreds a day since Jan 1st. Possibly feed is changing for the better ? Account size 314k now was 318k Jan 1st.

Stopped all stories publishing and using only albums . 3 pictures to 5 in the album and posts if 2 a day. Today going to do 3. ER at 2.5 % which sucks as this account average 5.5. All spamming on post’s with comments stopped until further notice from my other accounts …
Actions to change a account often takes 2 to 5 days to feel if successful or not so to early to tell

from 11 days ago…
Update – Change was 3 things

  1. first 5 days posted only albums to get on explore – 3 times a day.
  2. stopped posting stories – yea stopped it for now.
  3. stopped comment spamming from my other accounts
    now post single pics still 3 times a day

Never used hashtags, still don’t

Personally When I see someone slaving away in stories I think “bot/promoter”

Ppl are getting smarter in social media. They want to meet genuine people not fake.