Some not to jrv coders about the blocks

hii i hope its ok im open this topic here and don’t send it via email
because i want to hear if someone else here thinks like me

ok so i think im understand why the actions block by using a bot and work by do it manual

im notice that if im doing actions manual
after some time the page get like a refresh
and it throw me away back to the home page or in to the explorer page
so im thinking the this is one of the new IG A defense mechanism
i don’t know what happened in your code when this “refresh” happend …

this is only something to think about and maybe to develop something that passed it

someone else thinking like me ?


This happened to me today, I was doing manual follow with a new account just to try something, and IG sent me back to the homepage, I thought it was some error from the app.

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Interesting. About how many manual follows did you do @goss and @porianl before you where thrown back to homepage?

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This is about to get interesting!

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to tall the true i don’t count it
because i don’t work manual regularly
from time to time i do some manual check
i get this “refresh” by doing some likes to
before 2 days

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I think it happened to me two times, first and second follow, then it worked normal. but it is weird, i tested now and it did not happen again.

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I’ve had this today while unfollowing about 300 people.

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Interesting, doesn’t sound like a glitch but some sort of blocking measure.

Also, did you notice that you can’t scroll through a profile without logging in when on desktop (chrome or safari)? After about two scrolls there’s a pop up that says “Login to continue” with a login box.

i do some counting now and i get this “refresh” after 27 Follow