Some of you are in this IG documentary?

I hate this videos, make common people aware of our tactics.


I couldn’t finish watching it. It more talks about people buying fake followers and engagement. It doesn’t really go into detail (or even grasp) what it is most of us do. The “expert” in detecting fake accounts lost me too when he said real people being incentivized to comment on posts was against Instagram’s terms of service.

Then when the main narrator basically crashes Instagram’s HQ without an appointment …I shut the video off.

I mean it’s not all wrong but it’s very much an opinion piece that only shows the black hat side of promoting an account.

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Yeah I wonder how greater public awareness will change the rules of the game for all and even the value of the system itself. If enough people lose trust in the system, the system’s value could change altogether. IG is already testing hiding Likes to limit “showing off”. “social media” fasting is a new concept that may or may not become a trend.

haha yeah. I think you hate the video the most in the forum. Already 2 comments about it. Bots / Tactics are becoming common knowledge now - especially when used to influence politics it makes headlines in the USA.

I watched 5 minutes of it and it reminded me of the fake bigfoot film clip from the 60’s.
People will do anything to get attention. Sensationlism ( if that’s how you spell it) works.
Our tactics are not really secret, just as taxes not paid by corporations.

they won’t. history tells us that over and over and over.


yeah its def not Michael Moore quality nor is it blowing the top off a secret conspiracy.

I found it interesting around the 70% mark regarding Russia’s micro-economy on an app called “commenter?”, people making a living exchanging high quality real comments.

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those russian dude have some of the best youtube bots on the planet too :slight_smile: – Now they went underground to do those

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Watched the entire documentary thanks for sharing! I’m shocked on how dramatic he makes it sound. I thought everything he covered was already common sense, especially after the 2016 election.

Anyways, tried searching for the russian commenter app out of curiosity, but I couldn’t find it. It’s essentially a comment pod and he makes it sound so “wow”!


It’s crazy just the amount of bot accounts that populate Instagram. It’s aprox 10% and rising.