Some photographer Facebook pages disabled

Recently one of my facebook paged got disabled, which I have no idea what happened and it has been running a few years and all the contents are original.

I was thinking this is just some random mistake by facebook, but then I heard that 2 of my photographer friends got the same issue too. Is there anything facebook updated and restricted photographers account?

Thank you for any clues

As for the support team, we haven’t received similar complaints. Do your photos have watermarks and what are your subjects?

Do you also use automation to publish your posts?

thank you for your reply.

I do portrait photograghy and I seldom add watermarks to the photos I publish. All the publishing is done manually

Try adding watermarks to your images and see if the newer posts will be taken down. Have you also tried using image searches in Google to see if anybody else uses your images and uploads it as his?

Let me try…

Do you mean there is a chance that other people used my photo and FB thought I am the one stealing the content?

There’s a possibility. I haven’t experienced such restrictions though. What I only experienced so far are music copyright restrictions so that’s how I had the idea that FB might have thought you are not the rightful owner if the images did not have watermarks.